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Milene Domingues

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Milene Domingues
Milene Domingues Milene Domingues Milene Domingues Milene Domingues Milene Domingues Milene Domingues Milene Domingues

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Milene Domingues (born 18 June 1979) is a Brazilian model and footballer.

She is the first ex-wife of football star Ronaldo (married in April 1999, divorced in September 2003). She was signed by Rayo Vallecano but plays football for Fiamma Monza. She has been dubbed by the Spanish media as Ronaldinha and is rated as one of the best female footballers in Europe. The ex-model also holds the record for ball juggling, keeping a football off the ground with 55,197 touches. She is also the most expensive woman's player ever, costing over £200,000.

Should have no problems recognizing Milene Domingues (She is the ex-wife of football superstar Ronaldo) but do you know she is a keen footballer herself? She is the current female world record holder for "keepie uppies" – keeping the football off the ground for a staggering nine hours using a combination of feet, thighs, chest and head. In addition, she was signed by Aletico Madrid for a Spanish transfer record of �200,000.

Milene Domingues ha sido la abanderada del fútbol femenino en España. Su llegada al Rayo Vallecano propició que el fútbol femenino apareciera por primera vez en las portadas de los periódicos y desde entonces, los medios también se fijan en ellas.

Milene, que llegó a España como Ronaldinha -apodo que detesta- es la primera galáctica del fútbol femenino. Su tirón comercial le han convertido en un referente publicitario y su imagen es muy popular en España, donde ha protagonizado anuncios y programas televisivos. Milene apuesta fuerte. Así es Milene.


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