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Mel's Hole

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Mel's Hole
Mel's Hole Mel's Hole Mel's Hole

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Mel Waters purchased a piece of land outside of a small town in Washington. As he soon discovered, his land was the resting place of a locally famous trash-dumping pit. People would come from around his community and dump everything from old tires to dead livestock into Mel’s Hole, and would listen carefully, never to hear their garbage hit the bottom. One more thing about the hole: animals wouldn’t dare approach it, and a beam of black “anti-light” would regularly shoot out of it, into the sky. Well, eventually Mel decided to run a fishing line down the pit, and try to determine its depth… At 80,000 feet (roughly 15 miles deep), Mel gave up, and told the story about the hole to the whole world on late night talk radio show, Coast to Coast AM (The Best Radio Show in the World). After that, a lot of stuff happened. The government, confiscated Mel’s land, erased it from google earth, and paid Mel a quarter-million dollars a month to move to Australia. One day Mel decided to return, only to find himself waking up in a dark alley, having been arrested, drugged, his teeth and home-made belt buckle removed, and his monthly income ceased. Mel had made his favorite belt buckle out of a set of dimes he had found near his old land, which he was now no longer allowed to approach. Later he found out that those dimes were minted before dimes like that were minted. He came back to the radio, to update the world on his tale… Then a funny thing happened… somebody found him a new hole. And that’s when things got weird.


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Darth Xelleon
Darth Xelleon posted over 7 years ago

Hole-y cow!

MastaKink posted over 7 years ago

Crap on a crutch!

Twolit posted over 6 years ago

That's crazy, man. Sounds fishy, but pretty frickin' awesome. So someone found another hole in the ground… Is this one weird too or a hole of another sort? :x

Samacnab posted over 6 years ago

Please look up the radio interview Mel Waters gave. e obviously suffers from a mental disability, most likely schizofrenia. I am not here to say that the possibility of a Gov't conspiracy does not exist, only that in this case it seems highly unlikely. He has a pretty well rehearsed story, but overall it is simply too far fetched with absolutely no proof to be believed as fact. During his interview, Mel claims that others have been to the hole to witness its strange supernatural abilities, yet no one otherthanhim hasever made a claim as to the hole's existance. And though there have been numerous searches for Mel's supposed hole, none have proved fruitful. According to the city records, Mel never even lived in the area he claims to have. Perhaps this is part of a broad conspiracy by the U.S. Gov't to discredit Mel, but I believe that if you actually listen to his radio interview it will become appearent that conspiracy is not the case here. I feel sorry for Mel that he suffers from these dillusions and hope that one day he will find peace within himself, but I wouldn't put a whole lot of faith in his magical hole. Really what amazed me the most is that Yahoo! recently posted an article claiming the hole to be one of the weird places in America to see. The article has since been removed, and though this may lead to further conspiracy theory, it is more likely that it was removed because the research into the topic was far from complete.

G4331 posted over 6 years ago
The craziest thing since the Jews bombed Pearl Harbor!