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Mayor McCheese

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Mayor McCheese

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Mayor McCheese is the mayor of the land of McDonaldland, created for an advertising narrative for the McDonald's fast food chain. He has an enormous cheeseburger for a head, and sports a top hat, a diplomat's sash, and a pair of pince-nez spectacles. He is portrayed as a giggly, bumbling, somewhat incompetent mayor with a wavering, high-pitched voice that is reminiscent to that of comic actor Ed Wynn. His Chief of Police is Officer Big Mac.



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Melissa posted over 7 years ago

Who in the world came up with that? Thank God I never saw it as a child… although, I don't actually eat burgers so the scarring may have been minimal…

gbman posted over 7 years ago

Melissa, there were lots more disturbing childhood images than the lovable Mayor McCheese. Whatever he was to people, we all knew one thing (forgive me), he was delicious!!

Melissa posted over 7 years ago

Well, I've never had a hamburger, so I wouldn't know.