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Maud'Dib Maud'Dib

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Paul Orestes Atreides is a fictional character in the Dune universe created by Frank Herbert. He is the most prominent fictional character in the early books of Frank Herbert’s Dune science fiction series. He took the Fremen name Paul Muad’Dib and the Sietch name Usul. The definition, found in the Terminology of the Imperium section of the Appendixes of Dune, defines muad’dib thus: The adapted kangaroo mouse of Arrakis, a creature associated in the Fremen earth-spirit mythology with a design visible on the planet’s second moon. This creature is admired by Fremen for its ability to survive in the open desert. In the second book of the series Dune Messiah, Muad’dib has effectively become an emperor/god of Dune and other planets.


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aeroplane posted over 8 years ago

It is a hard call, both Leto’s come pretty damn close to Paul’s coolness.