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Maragogipe Maragogipe Maragogipe

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Maragogipe (also called elephant bean) is a variety of arabica that produces an extremely large, rather porous bean. It is a mutant that spontaneously appeared in Brazil, almost as though the giant of Latin-America thought regular beans were too puny and produced something in its own image. It was first discovered growing near the town of Maragogipe, in the northeastern state of Bahia. Subsequently it has been carried elsewhere in Latin America and generally adopts the flavor characteristics of the soil to which it has been transplanted.

At McGyvers in the Deli section of the Victoria Markets, they sell the Maragogipe coffee. It is one of the finest coffee I have ever tried. It has a smooth chocolatey taste, and can be consumed anytime (although it has been said to be an afternoon coffee).


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vinnie posted over 9 years ago

I’ve never heard of maragogipe (or whatever the hell it is called) but being an avid coffee drinker, my favourite (reasonably mainstream type espresso coffee) is Dimattina Coffee and fav place to have it is at Tonic in Elsood.

adrian posted over 9 years ago

I went to McGivers recently and they said they don’t sell it anymore, because the distributor of that coffee got sold to Coke! What a bummer.