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Manties Manties Manties

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For those nights and days, when you want to be and feel a little special, naughty, and very sexy, these Manties are for you. Once you have them on, it will be “hard” to take them off. They are made of nylon and have the extra room where you need it, for the most comfortable fit there is. Once you try a pair, you will wonder why you never tried them before. Panties are for the gals MANties are for the guys


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foodtester posted over 7 years ago

These seem weird, different, or just down right strange.  But they really are the most comfortable thing on the market for men.  I just can't show them to everyone being a straight male, however they are absolutely amazingly comfortable and women absolutely love it.  If you are comfortable in your manhood, buy some.  My girlfriend bought a pair for me about a year ago, I have at least 10 pair now.   Women, get some for your men, if they really are comfortable in their man-hood, they'll try em and fall in love.  For the price, they are worth a shot.

dougal1964 posted over 7 years ago

It may appear strange but these are the best undewear I've ever had.

From the smooth material to the support they provide they're just perfect and everything the manufacturers claim them to be. Snug? You bet they are.You can customise them at the ordering stage too.It's time more guys got into 'manties'.