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Maimi Yajima

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Maimi Yajima
Maimi Yajima Maimi Yajima Maimi Yajima Maimi Yajima Maimi Yajima Maimi Yajima Maimi Yajima Maimi Yajima Maimi Yajima Maimi Yajima Maimi Yajima Maimi Yajima

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Real Name: Yajima Maimi (矢島舞美)

Nickname: Yassui, Maimi-chan

Birth Date: Febuary 07, 1992

Birthplace: Saitama, Japan

Blood Type: O

Height: 164.5cm (5'4.8")

Hobby: Making bee mascots, writing letters to friends

Special skill: Horizontal bar, hula hoop, unicycle, etc...moving my body!

Habit: Saving food I love the most till the last moment

Strong point: Steadily putting effort into even things I hate doing

Weak point: Being shy

Favorite color: White, green, yellow, pink, light blue (pale colors in general)

Favorite flower: Hibiscus, cosmos, lily of the valley

Favorite season: Spring

Favorite word: "Zenryoku toukyuu!!" (Go all out)

Favorite song: "I WISH" (Morning Musume)

Favorite book: "Fuuchan no Harmonica"

Favorite movie: "Home Alone" (all three)

Favorite food: Quail eggs, umeboshi, fruits, cherries, shabu shabu

Least favorite food: Liver, ginger, wasabi, sea urchin

Scared of: Snakes, bugs, monsters

Disliked thing/thing to do: Getting shots and anything else that hurts

Charm point: My silky hair


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kacanghijau posted over 6 years ago

She's so beautiful!!!!!

I like her so much... I think she is the pretiest and also the best member of C-ute.

Fall to second place is Airi Suzuki. I king of like her too.... :D 

hurrycanger posted over 5 years ago

yes she's really really beautiful~

I like a really muuuch ^_^ ...

I also like Airi a lot. In C-ute I like both of them the most.

uhm... however, it doesn't mean the others are worse.

All are good, equally beautiful and lovely ^_^ . The difference is just how different each beauty is Smile.

- Go! C-ute !  Go! H!P !

GuitarChik18 posted over 5 years ago

soo gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!! very mature n a gr8 role model!! no wonder she's the leader of c-ute!! sometimes i think it's unfair tht airi gets more attention than her.

Karim_Azeb posted over 3 years ago

So Cute....

she's really really beautiful~

I like a really much ...Wink