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Mai Hagiwara

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Mai Hagiwara
Mai Hagiwara Mai Hagiwara Mai Hagiwara Mai Hagiwara Mai Hagiwara Mai Hagiwara Mai Hagiwara Mai Hagiwara Mai Hagiwara Mai Hagiwara Mai Hagiwara Mai Hagiwara

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Name: Hagiwara Mai

Birthdate: 1996-02-07

Birthplace: Saitama, Japan

Nickname: Maimai, Hagitty, Mai-chan

Blood Type: AB

Height: 156cm

Hobby: Riding a unicycle

Special Skill: Riding a unicycle

Strong Point: Bright, laugh easily, natural airhead

Weak Point: I love pranks!

Habit: Easily holding hands or linking arms with someone

Favourite Color: Pink, light blue, orange

Favourite Flower: Lavender

Disliked thing/thing to do: Studying. Cleaning up.

Scared of: Cats, ghosts

Favourite Movie: “Harry Potter,” “Jurassic Park”

Favourite Book: “Nezumi-kun no Chokki”

Favourite Word: “Daisuki” (I love you/it)

Favourite Season: Summer

Favourite Food: Strawberries, curry rice

Least Favourite Food: Melon, watermelon, green bell pepper

Favourite Song: “Genki Jirushi no Oomori Song”- Minimoni

Charm Point: Dimples


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maimai posted over 7 years ago

She is Sooo cute

ryoxyuuto posted over 6 years ago

kawaiii!! i saw her sing " yeah! meccha holiday" on youtube she was soo cuute!! sme ppl had doubts!! they are soo mean! buut I believes she's cuute!!

Kaza-chan posted over 6 years ago


Buono!911 posted over 6 years ago

Oh My God, she is so cute!!!!! :D

hurrycanger posted over 5 years ago

she's really cute, and innocent ^__^

Her voice is super super cute ^_^

chrysalis posted over 5 years ago

she is the cutest girl that i've ever met

GuitarChik18 posted over 5 years ago

she is TOOOOOO adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no wonder she's a member of C-UTE!! cuz she's too cute!!

TheChosenOne509 posted over 4 years ago


lucarian94 posted over 4 years ago

i wish i could meet her in person…AAAAAA KAWAIIIIIII

konsuhiro14 posted over 4 years ago


Voie Lactée
Voie Lactée posted over 3 years ago

Kawaii ne ♥!


raechii posted over 3 years ago

MAI! so cute! She was once the baby of Hello! Project. The sweet little Mai. Now she's a wonderful, beautiful and talented teenager!!! Keep on the good work Mai! I love you! <3




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Runaway Blues
Runaway Blues posted over 2 years ago

2/7/13 お誕生日おめでとう舞ちゃん