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Madonna Madonna Madonna Madonna Madonna Madonna Madonna Madonna Madonna Madonna Madonna Madonna

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Madonna Louise Ciccone Ritchie (born August 16, 1958), known as Madonna, is an American recording artist and entertainer. Born in Bay City, Michigan and raised in Rochester Hills, Michigan, Madonna moved to New York City for a career in modern dance. After performing as member of the pop musical groups Breakfast Club and Emmy, she released her self-titled debut album in 1983, and then produced three consecutive number-one studio albums on the Billboard 200 in the 1980s and four more since year 2000.

Madonna is known for her works that explore religious symbolism and sexual themes which also drew criticism from the Vatican in the late 1980s. In 1992, she founded an entertainment company, Maverick, which published a book of photographs (Sex). She also released a studio album (Erotica) and starred in a film (Body of Evidence) with erotic themes. These works generated negative publicity and coincided with a fall in commercial sales in the 1990s. Madonna's career was revived in 1998, when the release of her album Ray of Light garnered critical acclaim.

Madonna has acted in 22 films. Although most failed critically and commercially, she earned a Golden Globe Award for her role in the 1996 film Evita. Divorced from actor Sean Penn, in 1996 Madonna conceived a daughter, Lourdes Maria (also known as Lola) by personal trainer Carlos Leon before marrying film director Guy Ritchie in 2000. She and Ritchie have two sons, Rocco and David Banda, a Malawian boy they adopted in 2006, which caused media allegations they violated that country's adoption laws. Madonna and Ritchie have since filed for divorce in October 2008.

Madonna has been regarded as "one of the greatest pop acts of all time" and dubbed the "Queen of Pop" by various sources. She is ranked by the Recording Industry Association of America as the best-selling female rock artist of the twentieth century and the second top-selling female artist in the United States with 63 million certified albums. Guinness World Records list her as the world's most successful female recording artist of all time and the top-earning female singer in the world with an estimated net worth of US$490 million, having sold over 200 million records worldwide. On March 10, 2008, she was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


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VINCENZOMJJ posted over 8 years ago

Madonna is the best

thomasFUCKMYASSsmith posted over 8 years ago

she got hotter with age in my opinion. also more crazy..

Kai posted over 7 years ago

Madonna looks like a tranny. She’s fucking scary…

emoxrocker posted over 7 years ago

who the heck does she think she is? I have no nice feelings towards her…

Aurelio posted over 7 years ago

I think she hot, and the best in the whole world.

luckyuck posted over 7 years ago

Everyone who disagrees is either very ignorant and naive and believe everything were the media makes money of or are just plain dumb.

Madonna’s a very intelligent and classy businesswoman. I adore her. She has a big heart and cherish her for all beautiful things she’s doing such as helping the poor and pleasuring us with her beautiful music.

kikikins posted over 7 years ago

once you know her it’s impossible not to love her!

mrcl posted over 7 years ago

LOVE this woman!

Zebra posted over 7 years ago

btw, being skanky is not a good thing. 

Zebra posted over 7 years ago

i think shes a butt ugly good for nothing satan worshipper.

Nadaz posted over 7 years ago

Zebra, make 400 million and be loved world wide and have 13 no.1 singles like madge, then u can diss her, ok??

madonna posted over 7 years ago

Madonna is an icon, she`s unique.

seanmadonnafan posted over 7 years ago

Madonna is the greatest i love madonna forever!!!! :)

Madonna is beautifull and talented and smart,sexy !!!:)

HelloCarm20 posted over 7 years ago

I worship her.

verciki posted over 6 years ago

i love her. i'm such a big fan of her. but the new album. idk. i just think that the COADF album was way more better.....

anyway....she's pop queen.

Tabris posted over 6 years ago

I’d wish she stuck to her voice circa Ray of Light, but hell, we’d have lost such gems as Music or American Life has she done that.

VSgurlee posted over 6 years ago
i hate that bitch. everyone thinks she's so great. her music isnt even that good. and heads up: anybody can be a slutty pop "idol" from the the 2006 Grammys, she sang like, 10 more mintutes than Gorillaz did, and recently, she banned Sarah Palin from going to her concerts. Plus she's ugly. and i agree with Kai, she DOES look like a tranny.
Tabris posted over 6 years ago

She is great. Lyrics are simplistic to a fault, yeah. A little overrated, yeah. But no one can deny that she has talent.

And, VSgurlee, Madonna has every right in the world to bar the bitch Palin.

pink-boy posted over 6 years ago

Madonna is the true Queen!

jrbarabasz posted over 6 years ago

Madonna is the best person in the celebrity world to me. She is absolutely the best.

ChristineD. posted over 5 years ago

She's a great entertainer, there's no denying that.  But anyone who says she's the best singer has obviously never heard any other music.

kennyrocks posted over 4 years ago

Im Not gonna Lie She was pretty Damn hot back in the 1980’s Hell yes lol

ilovemadonna posted over 4 years ago

madonna is the queen of pop forever