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Lu Bu

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Lu Bu

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Lu Bu 呂布

Chinese: Feng Xian
Japanese: Housen
Hanzi: 奉先

"Flying General"

?-198 A.D.

Biography based on the novel

Lu Bu of Jiu Yuan in Wu Yuan was one of the most illustrious warriors of the Three Kingdoms era, reknowned for his superior skills in horseback riding, archery, and wielding his trident halberd, and infamous for his fickle loyalties.

Dong Zhuo

Lu Bu first served under the Protector of Bing Zhou, Ding Yuan, who was his first adopted father. He accompanied Ding Yuan to the capital to help exterminate the palace eunuchs, who were causing problems at the Imperial court. There, Dong Zhuo, then Protector of Xi Zhou, saw Lu Bu and marveled at his strength and ferocity. He sent Li Su, an old friend of Lu Bu, to bribe Lu Bu to his side with the one of the finest horses ever bred, Red Hare. Li Su persuaded Lu Bu to slay Ding Yuan and join Dong Zhuo.

With Lu Bu on his side, Dong Zhuo took the capital, installed a young Emperor on the throne, and became prime minister. Cao Cao and Yuan Shao raised a coalition of 18 Lords to remove Dong Zhuo from power. At Hu Lao Gate, none of the coalition could throw Lu Bu back until Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, and Liu Bei entangled him in a three-on-one duel. Fatigued, Lu Bu was finally forced to retreat. Despite this success, the coalition eventually broke apart, leaving the young emperor still in Dong Zhuo's thrall.

Where armies failed, a single lady triumphed — Minister of the Interior Wang Yun turned Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu against each other with his lovely singing girl Diao Chan. Diao Chan seduced both men, and Lu Bu, wild with jealousy, slew Dong Zhuo. Soon afterward, Dong Zhuo's generals Li Jue and Guo Si marched on the capital to take revenge. Lu Bu went out to fight them off, but was caught in a pincer and harried until the capital fell. He was forced to abandon his family and flee.

Lu Bu wanders, seeking a new lord

Yuan Shu refused to take Lu Bu in, so he wandered on to Yuan Shao. Together they battled and defeated Zhang Yan in Changshan; however, Lu Bu grew arrogant after this victory, and Yuan Shao, irritated, drove him away. Lu Bu went on to the Governor of Shangdang, Zhang Yang, but the Governor was asked by Li Jue and Guo Si to kill Lu Bu, so once more Lu Bu fled. He finally settled with Zhang Miao, Governor of Chen Liu.

Zhang Miao had Lu Bu invade Cao Cao's Yan Zhou. Although initially successful, Cao Cao counter-attacked and decimated Lu Bu's forces. Since Zhang Miao had fled to escape Cao Cao, Lu Bu's advisor, Chen Gong, convinced Lu Bu to go to Liu Bei in Xu Zhou.

Lu Bu offered his services to Liu Bei, who accepted. Lu Bu called Liu Bei "younger brother," and this so infuriated Liu Bei's sworn brother Zhang Fei that Lu Bu went to settle in nearby Xiao Pei, to be away from Zhang Fei and Guan Yu. Cao Cao was wary of this new alliance, and sent a letter to Liu Bei asking him to execute Lu Bu. Liu Bei refused to do it. Cao Cao's next plan was to trick Yuan Shu into attacking Liu Bei, hoping one would destroy the other; Liu Bei went to war, leaving Zhang Fei behind to take care of Xu Zhou. One night while drunk, Zhang Fei became angry at Lu Bu's father-in-law, Cao Bao, and had him whipped — Lu Bu used this as an excuse to seize Xu Zhou. He invited Liu Bei to come back and serve under him this time, and Liu Bei accepted.

Caught between Liu Bei and Yuan Shu

Yuan Shu, eager to finish Liu Bei off, offered an alliance to Lu Bu, but Lu Bu decided to help Liu Bei instead. When Yuan Shu sent Ji Ling out at the head of an army, Lu Bu summoned him and Liu Bei to a banquet. He insisted that they end their war, and when they both refused, he made a bet: if he could hit the left side of his halberd with an arrow at 150 paces, Ji Ling and Liu Bei would agree to peace; if not, they could do as they pleased. Naturally, Lu Bu hit his mark, and Ji Ling went back to Yuan Shu, proposing that Yuan Shu marry his son to Lu Bu's daughter and form an alliance. Lu Bu was extremely fond of his daughter, who was his only child, and he agreed to the marriage, desiring the Yuan family's backing. Chen Gui warned Lu Bu against allying with Yuan Shu hastily, so Lu Bu postponed the wedding and sent Yuan Shu's messenger to Cao Cao to be executed.

Relations with Liu Bei soured quickly. Furious with Zhang Fei for stealing some horses, Lu Bu went to war against Liu Bei; he might have forgiven Liu Bei had Chen Gong not convinced him that Liu Bei was a threat and should be removed. Liu Bei fled to Cao Cao. Meanwhile, Yuan Shu, upset that his marriage messenger had been executed, went to war against Lu Bu. The two battled and Lu Bu came out victorious, sending Yuan Shu home.

War against Cao Cao and Liu Bei

Cao Cao marched with Liu Bei against Lu Bu. After some setbacks, they succeeded in pushing Lu Bu into Xia Pi. At first Lu Bu planned to take the initiative and fight back, but his wife, Lady Yan, convinced him to sit tight and defend. Lu Bu sent to Yuan Shu for help and renewed the idea of a marriage alliance, but Yuan Shu refused to help until he had the girl. With his daughter seated behind him on Red Hare, Lu Bu rode out of the city and tried to break through Cao Cao's forces, but he failed and was forced back.

Depressed, Lu Bu sought solace with his women and wine. Due to his heavy drinking, he became overweight and slovenly — one day he decided to swear off drinking, and this led to his downfall. Imposing a strict no-alcohol rule on his troops, he had one of them, Hou Cheng, beaten for violating this rule. Hou Cheng conspired with two other officers, Wei Xu and Song Xian, to bring Lu Bu down. Hou Cheng stole away Red Hare; then, while Lu Bu was asleep, Song Xian and Wei Xu stole Lu Bu's halberd and tied him up. They surrendered the city and Lu Bu to Cao Cao. Though Lu Bu pleaded for his life, Liu Bei advised Cao Cao against sparing him, and Lu Bu was executed by strangulation.


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