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Liberal Dress Code

Created by Hideous Monster. Last Edited by Hideous Monster. Tagged as: Fashion
Liberal Dress Code

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The absolute best "uniform" is a liberal dress code, with as little uniformity as possible. The most obvious mark of freedom and independence, is the ability to look however you want. Strict uniforms are the fashion of the controled, the imprisoned, and the oppressed pawns. Those in uniform who disagree with that do not understand the gravity of the psychological purpose of a uniform. Authority structures that require uniforms do so, because they seek to provide an environment where like-mindedness triumphs over diversity and openmindedness.  Uniforms make people forget their individuality, and cause them to think like drones, less inhibited by ethical standards that would otherwise prevent an individual from following orders or instruction. Uniforms represent a surrender, and create a psychological commitment to a status quo that's hard to break. 

 To wear what you like is to taste freedom. To do so in a government facility is to experience a world where the government is your servant, rather than the opposite. Your personal style is the uniform of a sovereign human being, and it represents the strongest collective army on the earth: the army of the common civilian.


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