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Leonardo Sciascia

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Leonardo Sciascia

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The best of his books shows that, as in real life, there is rarely a happy ending and that there is rarely justice for the ordinary man. Prime examples of this are Equal Danger (Il Contesto), where the police's best detective is drafted to Sicily to investigate a spate of murders of judges. Focussing on the inability of authorities to handle such investigation into the corruptions, Sciascia's hero is finally thwarted.

Sciascia wrote of his unique Sicilian experience, linking families with political parties, the treachery of alliances and allegiances and the calling of favours that resort in outcomes that are not for the benefit of society, but of those individuals who are in favour. Sciascia perhaps, in the end, wanted to prove that the corruption that was and is endemic in Italian society helps only those who are part of the secret societies and loyalties and the political classes. (Stolen from wikipedia)


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