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Leo Leo Leo Leo Leo Leo Leo Leo Leo Leo Leo Leo

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LEO - The Lion (better than scorpio by far)

July 22 – August 24


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Link_of_hyrule posted over 8 years ago

yeah leo yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Taika posted over 7 years ago

Leo is alway the best!

Ninja posted over 7 years ago

It’s only the best because it’s yours.

fee the shizz
fee the shizz posted over 7 years ago




♥Art is a BANG!♥
♥Art is a BANG!♥ posted over 7 years ago
LEO RULES!!!!!! Cool
mbpanda posted over 7 years ago

Leos <3
We frikin rule.

Allybelle posted over 7 years ago

Leos are definitely the best. Proud and loyal =] you gotta love them.

Bhuvanaa posted over 6 years ago


JMillz posted over 6 years ago

It is almost impossible to actually consider any one of the signs being the BEST. BUT if I had to pick one i would say Leo. Simply because Leo's are givin the natural ability to lead. But that is also a big flaw in leos. Most leos tend to think they are the best just because they look at themselves as "lions" or "the king of the jungle" (king of the people). But it takes so much more than just being a leo to lead. you have to be intellegent and have an open mind about everything. heres an example.. If you were trying to form a group of people to start up a business what would be the best way of going about it? Just because Leos are dominant does that mean you should get a bunch of leos to make a team? no. If you had a group of nothing but leos nothing would get done because everyone would be trying to empower over each other. Each sign has its own uniqueness. If you can learn how to manage each of the signs and let a smart experienced leo rule the group.. than you would have an amazing team. but a leo is nothing without the other signs. Every sign adds up together to make a diverse setting. There are a lot of things that other signs have that leos lack. but when it comes to leadership A leo is the way to go. but thats only to put into view if you can look at it this way.. take one person of each sign that is very intelligent in there own sign. in other words.. take the best of a leo… take the best of a capricorn.. take the best of a cancer.. ect… and put them on a team. let the leo have the leadership and allow the team to put in each aspect of they're own. the results.. flawless.

Ashley17021 posted over 6 years ago

I LOVE BEING AN LEO BABY!! I find that most leo's like myself are extremely loyal and we love all the attention people give us.. whooo for the best sign :-).. and i must say i am the most outgoing person in my family but then again I live in a house full of virgos haha

beautyx posted over 6 years ago

LaughingLeo's are the BEST!!!!

whoo hoo... goooo LEO's :)

omex posted over 6 years ago

leo Rulz…!!!!!.

RajivSharma posted over 6 years ago

Best n Top,

Leos are the Rulers

Ashley17021 posted over 6 years ago


hehe i def have leo pride Cool

leoboy09 posted over 6 years ago

leos are the frikkin best read the name

LeoBaby posted over 6 years ago

I'm a Leo RAWR!!  :)

Tongue out


gummybear2227 posted over 6 years ago

leos are the ULTIMATE sign lol because its MY sign! lol

mjpslovenn posted over 6 years ago


CutenessOverdose posted over 5 years ago

Leos Are The Best  =3

But I Like Pisces Too xD

 Leo Pride =D

HisashiBozu posted over 5 years ago

I was born on August 20 1997

I ish a leo :D

FlameSkull posted over 5 years ago

OOOOH YEAH! LEO RAWKS THE WORLD. hahas, magnanimous, BORN leaders and actors/actresses with loyalty and courage ya know!! LOLS.

Sincerely,Erin posted over 5 years ago

leo is dhe winnar!

CutenessOverdose posted over 4 years ago

So.. You're All Saying That Leo Is The Best, Huh? o.O

So.. That Means I'm The Best!! :DD

LOL..JKJK.. Why Do People Say That Leos Only Think About Them Selfs??!! O_O

Like.. C'MON.. And Even If We Do... It's Better To Take Care Of Ourselves, Sometimes We Can't Trust Other People <.<

August 1st~~!! <3

July29th posted over 4 years ago

Leos are amazing !

So loyal, charismic, and generous!

Leos are amazing people, not just saying that because its mine.

Surrounded by lovable, warm-hearted fellow Leos 24/7 and it's great!

Woohoo, go Leos! (;

LionsDignity posted over 4 years ago

Leo is supportive and does not question about their status because LEO IS DA BEST! Laughing

If u agree with me , shout LEO IS DA BESTTT!!! =D

dabba posted over 4 years ago

yeah they have all d qualities…..that the other sign lack…more so leo's r crazy n dominant…..but they've got to be a less possesive bout themselves n be a bit more open minded like aquarians…but not senseless like them(the assh….aquarians i mean)

iani posted over 4 years ago

Loyalty is the best part about the Leo. I would know because as a Leo I’m very loyal to the people i love. I can also be rather possessive and jealous with my lover, but not to the extreme lol

Seiketsu posted over 3 years ago

I'm a Libra and I think Leos (males) have great charisma :)

Kibriana posted over 3 years ago

Leo men are the best looking guys there is, at least from my point of view. They are beautiful in a totally non-boring and egzotic way. Love them.