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Lee Min Woo

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Lee Min Woo
Lee Min Woo Lee Min Woo Lee Min Woo Lee Min Woo Lee Min Woo Lee Min Woo Lee Min Woo Lee Min Woo Lee Min Woo Lee Min Woo Lee Min Woo Lee Min Woo

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Name: 이민우 / Lee Min Woo Also known as: M Profession: Singer, Actor, Model Date of birth: 1979-July-28 Height: 175cm Weight: 60kg Family: Parents, older sister, older brother, younger brother Blood type: A Kpop group: Vocalist of Shinhwa Religion: Christian Talent: break-dancing, singing, beatboxing, acting/ Hobbies: drawing cartoons, reading comics, listening to music.


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alwa6an posted over 8 years ago

minwoo….the sexiest….most hotest…...greatest performer i have ever seeeen :)

lisa* posted over 7 years ago

hey..omg…its lee minwoo..i love him so much…i love him the most in shinhwa!!!

alwa6an posted over 7 years ago

pleeeeeeeeeeeeez vote for him!!!!!

swt ckeeks
swt ckeeks posted over 7 years ago

dang he is hot azz i wish he was mine man hehehehe imma go visit him someday

sweetiegenie posted over 7 years ago

he’s sucha sex symbol. my first korean love.

blckprljin012 posted over 7 years ago

although he actually isn't 175 cm… he's still the hottest piece of.. mr. thang like ever!

dOrKy_GuRl03 posted over 7 years ago
i love him!..he a good dancer!Smile
joanna.mae posted over 7 years ago

o damn...


dbskprincess posted over 7 years ago


xien xien
xien xien posted over 7 years ago

he looks so innocent. i wanna c him live singing sexy back.XD

Daria3 posted over 6 years ago
HE IS SO SEXXXXY  . . .  Kiss
headwind posted over 6 years ago

i was seen his concert in 24th, Dec. 2007

so  amazing. i just a chinese girl.

on the stage , he is the  god

we are dancing ! singing ! the wonderful night !


naughtyangel posted over 4 years ago

lee min woo is the best… so hot and dang sexy….