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Kyu Hyun

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Kyu Hyun
Kyu Hyun Kyu Hyun Kyu Hyun Kyu Hyun Kyu Hyun Kyu Hyun Kyu Hyun Kyu Hyun Kyu Hyun Kyu Hyun Kyu Hyun Kyu Hyun

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 Name: Jo Kyu Hyun (조규현)

 Birthday: 02-03-1988

Height: 180cm

Weight: 68kg

Blood type: A

Hobbies: Singing, Dance, Actor

KyuHyun: He is a Korean pop singer. He is the last member to join the super boy band Super Junior, and is considered as one of the four lead vocalists of the group.He is also a member Super Junior-K.R.Y and  Super Junior-M , two subgroups that are branched out from the main group.He is one of the first Korean artists to appear on Chinese postage stamps.


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ladynath posted over 7 years ago

I love him!!! i hope that he have a really great day!!! figthing my darlyn!!!

alren23 posted over 7 years ago

kawaiiii... i really like u!.. pwomiz...

well actually i started to like u when i hav watched ur duet w/ charisse, charisse really had a gud voice then i noticed that u can get along w/ charisse in singing showing dat u wer really a gud singer..

i really luv ur voice! how i wish i cud hav a day w/ u!!!!!!...

looking forward though impossible!..... gudluck nd godbless!

sheery=) posted over 7 years ago
he's so cute....Kiss
ivanlee posted over 7 years ago

cute kyu hyun!

ahzirt91 posted over 7 years ago

i riLy admire kYu hyUn. .he is zo niCe .keep it up.!gud lucK

Marione posted over 7 years ago

i saw him with charice.. he's so good in singing.. he was not drowned by the powerfull voice of his partner considering that it was live and i guess no preparations were done (i noticed there were wrong lyrics coming out from his mouth) hehe.. but you were really awesome… consider me as one of you fans now kyu hyun!!  more blessing and Godbless your career… more power!!!

norturne posted over 7 years ago

i think…hes good at singing,he should be a solo artist!!thats a fact..hmmmm…actually!! i love him so much!!

winica posted over 7 years ago

he really did good in singing. i wish to sing with him

nei76 posted over 7 years ago

of all the super junior members..i'm going to do everything for this guy…hahaha..i love kyu hyun a lot…i wish he sings more english songs…

cyndi posted over 7 years ago

i love kyu hyun!!!


Yzshia posted over 7 years ago

i love uR killer smile. ohhh, it just kills mE whenever i see ur pic, I can't help to have a big smiLe on my face. iT's actually my desktop background. i just love it. y0uR looks could kill me. grrrr.

hyiori posted over 7 years ago

i love him…hes so cute…i watch him in the star king in you tube…hes a good singer..he makes every girls heart melts…

lhen33 posted over 7 years ago

i love you KYU HYUN!!!! your the BEST !!!! your really a good looking guy.... i will never stop supporting you!!! i"ll try 2 save money now, and if i had a lot of money i'll go in korea just 2 see you!!!!

I really LOVE YOU KYU HYUN!!!!


angelofjyuhyun posted over 7 years ago

i do love kyu hyun too...

hope that i could be with him

eve-e posted over 7 years ago

OMG! this guy is awesome!

love his voice and his really cute...



emz08 posted over 7 years ago

kyu hyun is such a great singer.,.,

and a multitalented one,.,

a dream boy really.., 

i know everyone will agree!

do u think he already have a girlfriend??

anyway, i hope he's fine.,

keep safe.,., 


lhen33 posted over 7 years ago


i agree with u!!!! ,,he is really great!!!! ,,4 me much better if he bcom a solo performer.......

i dont know if he have a  girlfriend ryt now,,,how i wizh that i could be hehe but thats impossible!!!! onli in my dream happen!!!!

if u like kyu hyun has a thread in asia fanatic!!! u juzt visit there they heve a lot of infos bout him.....

enywei im lhen, one in a million person who love kyu hyun so much!!!!

princessEmo posted over 7 years ago


 Love U kyuhyun...

kYu hYun iS my iDeal BoY....

god bless and take care....

chezmoiz_diet posted over 7 years ago

he is soooooo adorable ! >.<

karlovekyu posted over 7 years ago

i just saw him in you tube with charice pempengco, a singer from philippines..Smile

i love his voice so much..Laughing

he's a good singer..Surprised

he's such a cutie..Kiss

oh my god.. i think this is love at first!!Wink

hope to see u in personal.. JO KYU HYUN Kiss


manya_pearl posted over 6 years ago

kyuhyun is the reason why i love suju...

i dont know suju, since i watched kyuhyun performance duet singing with charice pempengco~ popular singer in the philippines. Very nice voice kyuhyun, he is the best in singing in suju... 

rz28 posted over 6 years ago

i dont now anything about him before..but when i saw his duet with charice at youtube..i was really amazed with his voice..he has a very very nice voice..he even sounded better than the original singer of it..his voice fits the song perfectly..and ever since i saw him at youtube i cant help but to search for more infos of him at the


hes really great and reaaaalllllllllyyyyyyyyy   CUTE!!


i love korean singers!!!!


he's the best..luv u kyu hyun!!!


hope u can visit philippines too..we love to see you here.. 

Momo Sohma
Momo Sohma posted over 6 years ago

omg!!! i love him sooooo much!!! especially since his b-day is a day after mine!!!! _

jawlyjay posted over 6 years ago
I love Kyu Hyun! For simply, he's the best! I didnt expect a Korean Singer can be very articulate in singing Foreign Songs like A-Whole-New-World! I saw him singing with Charise and I was really amazed with his cute face and especially with his gifted voice! Iim longing to hear you sing again some English Songs! You really impressed everyne! Good Luck! Embarassed
shilo25 posted over 6 years ago
omg!!! i really love kyu hyun,,, omg ahahaha,,, he sings well,, i love his voice,, i wanna meet him and sing with him,, shockS!!!!!!!!!!i reall adore this guy,, KissEmbarassed
shilo25 posted over 6 years ago
my bday is feb2,, omg,, and his bday is feb 3 ryt?? and he's only 20?? omg ,, are we meant for each other haha,, i love this guy,, you make my world go round ,,, lmao!!
guMmy vAn!Lyn
guMmy vAn!Lyn posted over 6 years ago

i lyk thiz guy..


when i first saw him w/ charice pempengco


i felt inluv w/ him


he is so cute..


had wonderful voice..


i hope i can see him in korea...


he has a good and powerfull voice..


im your big fan kyu hyun. 

guMmy vAn!Lyn
guMmy vAn!Lyn posted over 6 years ago

i luv you..


kyu hyun


hope 2 see you soon in korea 

shen shen
shen shen posted over 6 years ago

Wink  Hello!

Yah! I saw him also when they had a fantasy duet together with Charice Pempengco in YOU TUBE...Kyu Hyun was one of the best korean singers but of course I like and admire him most.Smile  He has a magnetic appeal when you have first glance with him. He look innocent, silent, mysterious,...(anyway,I can't find a right adjective to describe him).LaughingBut most of all,his cool,overwhelming! he is a gifted one.Hope he can visit here in the Philippines as well as his companions in SUPER JUNIOR...Keep it up Kyu Hyun!! Good Luck and God bless you!Wink

tae-yon posted over 6 years ago

Hahha!!! I really Love Kyuhun !!!!

BaBy_cLkF_4eVeR posted over 6 years ago

well girl....

same as all of you...(some..) i start like him when i watch he was singing wit charice pempengco

a whole new world..

love both of them..

but so sad charice didnt win...

well....kyu hyun have a sweet smile...and when he wink...


i will say....!


(i think many of you girl also the same right..?)

hehehe...well...i'm off..


dont forget to add my friendster...

here is my email..

 love you all..(just friendly love)

*kiss...(same as friendly love and kiss)


sweetie-02 posted over 6 years ago

he's the best.. he makes me want 2 go to korea even more..

im really lukin 4ward in goin to south korea..

ill be lukin 4 him..


carizamae posted over 6 years ago

i really like you "kyu hyun"...

great voice...

dvhynegrace posted over 6 years ago

i really love him! since the first time I've watched him through youtube.. geez… he's damn handsome!

she-ng posted over 6 years ago

My first time seeing Kyu Hyun was with Charice Pempengco at Star King Show singing "It's a whole new world." I was really amaze by his voice. I notice that not alot of asian male singer have a potential voice like his and I think the Super Junior boys are really entertainer for the music industry. I some how are move by, when he sings. It was my first time that I've listen to a korean singer that didn't give me goosebump. Really impressive.


nelli posted over 6 years ago

hi kyu hyun.. you know wat the first time i heard your voice and i saw u when you are performing with charice pampengco im shock and i think im fallin for you... 


a whole new world 



catherine15 posted over 6 years ago

i like kyu hyu.........!!!!!!!!!!

his voice (specialy when he sung a theme song of aladin duet with charice)

his style...

his aura

the he sing

his voice like the original male side version of the theme song of aladi

i like his smle in the camera

i like the way he feel's the song he sung

i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee itttttttttttttt...............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smile

kisses_kyu hyun #1
kisses_kyu hyun #1 posted over 6 years ago

i really like him so much!!!,,.. mwahhh!!! he is the best here in the philippines.. especially when he sang with charice.. regina regina posted over 6 years ago

i really love super junior and kyu hyun





pullo posted over 5 years ago
kyuhyun oppa has a beautiful voice!!!i love kyuhyun!!!Smile
yanie_kyu posted over 5 years ago

kyu hyun reli melts my heart whenever he sings.god bless u more suju

KyuHyunLuva posted over 5 years ago
OMG I love him!! As my name says, seriously he rules! Cool
lovely_tell posted over 5 years ago

sarang hae kyuhyunnie

yukyuhyun posted over 5 years ago

Whenever I saw him, my heart feels hurt! Why you stay away from  me? I love kyuhyun from the bottom of my love. How can I say that I love you! There is no word to describe that I love you.

xnumerox posted over 5 years ago

he looks really cute :D

Ja:) posted over 5 years ago
his voice is good,really! keep up the good work KYU HYUNSmile
princemeetsprincess posted over 5 years ago

Kyu Hyun is definitely handsome.

He resembles Hero, a Filipino actor, in the photo where he wear eyeglasses.

Fighting ! :)

jhera_kyu_hyun posted over 5 years ago

.. i love kyu hyun so so so so so much … eheheheheh ;)

sungmie >.<
sungmie >.< posted over 5 years ago

hyun forever

his smile

make me crazyy

jey ehm
jey ehm posted over 5 years ago

I've never had a thing for Koreans since the Korean mania started, until I saw Kyu Hyun on you tube. He really has a charming smile and so nice voice. I hope to see you when I visit your country. Kyu Hyun rocks! Love yah! =)

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