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Koizora Koizora Koizora Koizora Koizora Koizora Koizora Koizora Koizora Koizora Koizora Koizora

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Koizora is a love story that is originally written by a writer Mika who published her story based on her own experiences on the popular cell phone site Mahou no iRando.

The story first realeased as a book in October 2006, and it sold more than a million copies in its first month.

The Story is about Mika, a girl who falls in love with Hiro, a boy in the class next door. However, during the story, she will suffer hardships including rape, betrayal, etc.

The author is anonymous other than her first name. Koizora is a "true story" of her youth, or at least, "based on her experiences."






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Hardcore2992 posted over 7 years ago

I love the guy in the movie...I think he's really cute.

I'm sort of scared to watch it because I HATE crying:[

bita_chan posted over 6 years ago

the sweetest and saddest movie i ever watch. my favourite movie of all time.

Andy Terrie
Andy Terrie posted over 6 years ago

cutest and sweetest movie ever!

i love it soo much! watch it!! 

Youngsu posted over 6 years ago

Lovee this movie..><

Mika and Hiro r the cutest couple eva..><'

Hanna-me posted over 6 years ago

Can someone tell me where can i watch this movie?

chochino posted over 6 years ago

I love this movie,.miura is good in this movie


ilovenakatsu posted over 6 years ago

 i like the other one. the one that seto koji and mizusawa elena played in. that one is the best.  koizora, the drama.

cartoonpanda posted over 6 years ago

i hope miura(hiro) and yui aragaki(mika) have another movie together.. they really have a gud chemistry.. and i did really cried when hiro died T.T

lubli.tunez posted over 6 years ago

this is such an awesome movie! it was worth the tears (if i did shed any O.O it was so long ago i can't remember). he's an awesome actor. his other works are also good too….coughgakusencough

lost.lil.devil posted over 6 years ago

i prefer the drama over the movie. :] buh the movie is still good.

neeeshaa posted over 6 years ago

watched it..and it made me cry


»K{}iz{}rA« posted over 6 years ago

I love this movie so much T.T  it's so cute and sad =(

junzel19 posted over 5 years ago

i love the m0vie..ü

gem_16 posted over 5 years ago

i love the story so much...



rheoji posted over 5 years ago

the drama was much more better than the movie bcause koji seto played hiro wich made feel sad at the end hiro dies


Cry why did hiro hace to die he was a good actor

kawaii_onna posted over 4 years ago

i love KOIZORA:MOVIE it's make me cry.. when Hiro-kun said SMILESmile to Mika-chan before he die..   when he said that he does'nt want to die because he does'nt  want to seperate w/ Mika-chan while he is cryingCry.. and w because she love Mika very much he wait a guy who looking for Mika so if he die Mika will not suffer very much...

 oooooooohh.. i  love this movie!!!! SUGOI!!  so this is a real Story ..what happen to mika now??" is she go on in other relationship??..

bebe911 posted over 4 years ago

I don't really enjoy sad movies. But I'm glad I watched it!

RealHarriet27 posted over 4 years ago
This drama made me CRY. :'(
Hawj-Ladii posted over 3 years ago

My favorite japanese movie everr. it was ahmazing, it made me cry soo muchh. ♥