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Kim Sori

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Kim Sori
Kim Sori Kim Sori Kim Sori

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 Sori(Kim So-ri) (sori means sound in korean)

2009 Single album LipsSangmyung University, Bachelor's degree in danceThe musical "The ballerina who loved b-boy" (2005~2007),commericials: pringles, Megapass, X-Speed (ballet episode)Skoolooks (2006), Music video: A.Bridge's "Dream it" (2001 K-Pop's New "Sexy" Icon, SORI

Extraordinary performance skills and her stunning charm has a rising star in the spotlight... singer Sori! With her title track, "Lips," the young celebrity is becoming the NEW icon for "sexy" - Here's today's

Our cameras caught up with Sori at a hair salon in Gangnam. She seemed to be paying EXTRA special care with her make-up today.

Her title track, "Lips," has been gaining a LOT of love for the newcomer. The song was made ESPECIALLY for Sori, by the K-pop hit-making genius, composer Bang Si-hyuk.

Before Sori's debut into the K-pop scene, she was already singing and dancing her way into the public's hearts. She had been the female lead for the musical, "A Ballerina who Loved a B-boy," and showed off skills in ballet, modern dance and breakdancing!

Despite her musical success, Sori had a dream and she wasn't going to let it go! She dreamt of being a pop-star, and luckily for her, fate was on her side... "Fate" that came in the form of (the group) Jewelry!

Enough reminiscing for now~ let's get back to the present! On the set of her ad shoot, Sori executed an array of attitudes for the camera, from bubbly and cute... to alluring and sexy! She was the "perfect" chameleon.

The next day, cameras found Sori at the dance studio. After watching her powerful dance moves, it was obvious how she had gotten the nickname as "the NEXT Lee Hyo-ri"!

Another track that was getting as much love as "Lips," was her song "Pinky-Finger."
Adding depth to her lilting vocals was actor Lee Jun-ki, who had featured in the song! [
들어 들어~ ]

Sori's vocals can maneuver easily through dance music, as well as ballads. She wasn't afraid of trying new things - even now, a daunting challenge awaited!

The club was buzzing with enthusiastic energy that increased TENFOLD when Sori stepped out onto the stage! She met her new challenge head on, and gave a SIZZLIN' HOT performance!

Sori worked her magic on the crowd with dance moves after dance moves! Her energy was addictive and spread throughout the crowd like wildfire.

An EXTREME stage presence, overwhelming energy, and the determination of a pro! Sori has what it takes to become K-pop's best, and we won't expect ANYTHING less from the singer as she continues rising to the top.

Source from: Korea’s Global TV arirang


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shasho posted over 5 years ago

so touching...haha...pinky finger

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