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Kim JunSu

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Kim JunSu
Kim JunSu Kim JunSu Kim JunSu Kim JunSu Kim JunSu Kim JunSu Kim JunSu Kim JunSu Kim JunSu Kim JunSu Kim JunSu Kim JunSu

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Stage Name: Xiah
Real Name: Kim JunSu (김준수)
Position: Vocal (Baritenor)
Age: 20/22 (Western/Korean)
Birth date: December 15, 1986
Birthplace : Kyung Gi Do
Education: 3rd year university student
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Games, singing, piano and soccer
Special Ability: Singing and dancing
6th Starlight Casting System (casted through here)
SBS Saturday's Here (KangTa, Moon HeeJun's Showdown of the Century) KangTa's Team - Lead Vocal

Born on December 15, 1986, he is a Sagittarius. Has the middle-high vocal part in the group. The group labels him as an innocent and bright boy. On the other hand, he makes a 180 degree change on stage and performs with great charisma. Maintains order and balance in the group when they face difficulty. Possibly because of his long 6 year training, he is very empathetic and thinks a lot about people's feelings. Plays the piano well and is very poetic -- he enjoys writing poems. One of his dreams in life is to have his writing published into a book. One of his motivations in his singing career is the unachieved dream of his mother, who once dreamed of being a star.

Xiah Junsu, who wanted to become an athlete

In our group, there is a member who gets support from girls who were former Miss Koreas. Why? Because Junsu's mom is a former Miss Korea. I guess Joonsu got his pretty and delicate looks from his mom. Junsu was known in his junior high years to be a good singer. In the morning gatherings, when Junsu sang the school song, it went through the speakers and was heard by the whole school. But Junsu wanted to be a athlete. He was in the baseball and soccer team and he stills likes sports now. But after he saw H.O.T on TV, his dream was to "sing on stage".


1.) Name: Kim Junsu
2.) DOB: Decembe 15th, 1986
3.) Nicknames: Borisu, Chicken...etc...
4.) Bad habits: I clench my jaw a lot.
5.) Religion: Christian
6.) Fav. Quote: Give my all to things I'm working on.
7.) Bloodtype: B
8.) Height/Weight/Shoe Size: 170 cm, 49 kg, 265 mm.
9.) Family: Dad, Mom, Hyung, and Me
10.) School: Neung Gok MS.
11.) Hobbies: Piano, singing, dancing...etc...
12.) Specialties: Singing, arguing with Hyukjae.
13.) Sleeping Habits: Using my arm as a pillow.
14.) Something good about myself: Everything, I'm too perfect.
15.) What I think of myself: Perfection.
16.) Fav. number: 2
17.) Fav. Season: Autumn
18.) Fav. Food: Almost everything.
19.) Least Fav. Food: Most of the things Hyukjae likes to eat.
20.) Fav. Singers/Celebs: Kangta, N'SYNC
21.) Fav. Sport: Everything, especially soccer. (But the kids don't let me play with them.)
22.) Fav. Flower: Pumpkin flower
23.) Fav. Colors: Blue, Purple.
24.) Thing I do to pass time: Play computer games.
25.) Places I go most often (excluding home): SM, School. library, book stores...
26.) Most confident thing I can cook: Ramen
27.) Songs I like these days: Polaris- Kangta.
28.) What do you prefer: coffee, milk, soda: I don't like them all, but from that list: soda.
29.) Most important being in my life: Myself...
30.) Person I like least: Hyukjae
31.) Kinds of people I detest: In one word: LEE. HYUK. JAE!!!
32.) Something I'm worried about : Hyukjae keeps talking back to me.
33.) What I think I was in my past life: a prince!
34.) If I could be reborn: a woman.
35.) When I want to get married: when I'm ready and my life is all in order.
36.) What I do when I'm mad: Go and beat Hyukjae.
37.) Places I want to fix on my face: I'm too perfect, there's nothing to fix.
38.) My dream/goal: Singer, song writer, owner of a managing company.
39.) Dream Salary: 100000000000000000000000000000000000 won.
40.) My least liked feature: I like everything. ^0^
41.) Something that happens everyday: Hyukjae steals my clothes!
42.) I like/love someone right now: Nope!!!
43.) Jinxes: None.
44.) Something I could go back and do: Go on the stage while singing and dancing.
45.) What I most regret in my life: Not hitting Hyukjae when I had the chance.
46.) If I left a will before I die: hi!! Hyukjae!! ^0^ (TN: I have no clue what that is.)
47.) Prized Posesstion: My cell phone.
48.) What I want to say to people full of themselves with Prince/Princess Syndrome: Keep going on like that and you'll die!!!
49.) My ideal mate: Someone that gives me a strong feeling.
50.) -
51.)What do you think of ladies who try and find seats when there are none in Subways or Buses: .....
52.) Do you ever want to beat a small kid: Only if they're like Hyukjae.
53.) What kind of kids scare you: bad kids.
54.) If you were to dye your hair, what color would you dye it: Black.
55.) Most memorable Movie: titanic, armagedon
56.) Most memorable day during MS: First day of school.
57.) If you were to be in a drama what kind of character would you want to play: Hyukjae's older brother.
58.) When do you most not like your friend: When he talks back (ahem, Hyukjae, ahem.)
59.) What do you think of guys who wear makeup: it's okay as long as they don't wear a lot.
60.) Makeup vs. No makeup on women: no makeup.
61.) favortie book (comics can be included): Slam Dunk, I read it with Hyukjae...
62.) What can you make with green onions and eggs: ramen
63.) Country I want to visit most: France, the city of love and art~
64.) If I could get any domestic animal: Dog (I want to name him Hyukgoo)
65.) Favorite song to sing at karaoke: I hate singing karaoke.
66.) Things I stress over most: my voice.
67.) Someone I want to meet the most in the world: Korea's first king.
68.) What would you do if you found 1000 dollars in the street: I'd give it to Hyukjae, aren't I sweet? ^0^
69.) Something different about it being 2001: One more year and it's world cup time baby!
70.) Do you believe in ghosts: Yeah, no wait, no I don't.
71.) -
72.) Do you think there's a time in your life when you can be happy anywhere and anytime: YES!
73.) Do you sleep over at people's house a lot: Not really.
74.) Something I need right now: Synthesizer, things I can compose music with.
76.) What game am I best at: Anything, Hyukjae always loses to me.
77.) What would you say to someone who's about to die: BYE!!
78.) When did you ever feel like cursing yourself?: When I lost an arguement to Hyukjae.
79.) What do you do when you can't fall asleep: I just stay awake, what else can I do.
80.) What would you do if you were walking and you farted when it was a quiet: God, Hyukjae that's nasty!
82.) Good/bad thing about our country: Hyukjae.
83.) Foreign language I want to learn: Japanese.
84.) My complex: My voice sounds like Park Kyunglim's.
85.) What is there you want to do: I've done everything I want, so nothing!
86.) Do you find anything wrong with your face or personailty: Nope!
87.) What I do when I'm stressed: Beat Hyukjae
88.) Have you ever wanted to commit suicide: Nope, that's bad.
89.) What kind of teacher do you hate: Any teacher that's like Hyukjae.
90.) Who's a person who gave you the most hope etc: Duhkhyun hyung. I miss you!
91.) What would you do if someone grabbed your things and started running: I'd made Hyukjae run after it for me.
92.) What would you do if you saw a pervert on the street: I'm used to perverts cause my bestfriend is one.
93.) What I think of losers/outcasts: I hate the word.
94.) -
95.) Are you willing to live your life to the fullest: YESSIR!!
96.) Rain, Snow, Sunshine, Cloudy, Windy which do you prefer: Sunshine!!
97.) Have you ever been attracted to someone you've chatted to online: No.
98.) What you want to say to your friends: I'm finally done answering 100 Q's!!
99.) Future plans: Living life to the fullest.
100.) You've finished! How do you feel: GOOD!!

  • He has a twin brother, Junho.
  • He has sensitive teeth, and he says they hurt when he eats ice cream.

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yeonhwa posted over 7 years ago

hi !

x-e-n-a posted over 7 years ago
lovely voice and hard working!  
: D
myLuvHeeChuL posted over 7 years ago

he is cute..always smiling..

wahiiida posted over 7 years ago

junsu has the most beautiful and unique voice.. hearing his voie singing live, can be the last thing u want to hear before you die..its the most paradie and gifted voice u have ever heard off..

gillz_heartnet posted over 7 years ago

luv his voice soooooooooo much… it's kinda husky!!!^^ n his cute 2!!!! d cutest mmbr of DBSK...^^

Arie! posted over 7 years ago

Susu is LOVE!

Common, what a sexay little thing =) He's the perfect combination between adorkable cuteness and awesome CHARISMA! lol

And he doesn't even need to try =P~

We love your oyagi gags, babe ;]

Plus... he has this unique voice.. you hear him singing among a huge bunch of people and you imediately recognize his voice! He stands out <3

raffaella411 posted over 7 years ago
The best korean Performer Ever. Go Xiah JunsuSealed
shaipa posted over 7 years ago

luv u soooooooo much junsu!!

eternally~ephemeral posted over 7 years ago

o.o i didnt even know he had a twin!

i agree junsu is amazing.


dabe_booger_face posted over 7 years ago
dhkang posted over 7 years ago

junsu is 49 kg!?!?



he's the best<3

funnymagmonkey106 posted over 7 years ago

Please go search on Google for VOTE DBSK FOR OLYMPICS the first site there is the website to vote for DBSK TO PERFORM AT THE OYLMPICS. RAIN IS WINNING!!!

Sorry to rain fans, but i want DBSK to be the one performing!!!

I would have given you the website, but when you copy and paste it into the address bar the website doens't work. And even thought the page's in chinese the pic of DBSK is there. you cna't miss it!!!

please help me spread this!

mintz posted over 7 years ago

Kim Junsu is the Best in my heart Forever !!!!!!!!!!


I Love U ><

Firtaniaac posted over 6 years ago

He's the best artist that I ever see,,, n know,,

melissm3mi posted over 6 years ago

He will forever be my angel!! JUNSU OPPA FIGHTING!

asLian posted over 6 years ago

his body looks awesome in that pic!! in the 11th one..

heart-58269 posted over 6 years ago





yunho~lover posted over 6 years ago


 He Is super cute & kawaiii ....

 He is the best ^0^ ..

i love his smile ... !!!

yunho~lover posted over 6 years ago


 He Is super cute & kawaiii ....

 He is the best ^0^ ..

i love his smile ... !!!

sharee posted over 6 years ago

Kim Junsu is the beeeeeeessstttt !!!!!
So handsome, cute, and i like his chick!!!

Read : .C.U.T.E.

ginz posted over 6 years ago

yayks…gwapo nman nla…

freya_xian88 posted over 6 years ago

Embarassed love him forever...


with his cute smile and laugh... he has changed my world forever... 

Gi_Chen posted over 6 years ago

Awww, Kim JunSu, So cute, funny, and handsome, i love his voice!!!!



ChrmdThree posted over 6 years ago

he is so cute and i love his voice!

Yada(ญาดา) posted over 6 years ago

Hi! I Love you!!! nice 2 meet u” I’m yada.

ariukaa posted over 6 years ago

i like him his so cute like a baby

loooooooooooooveeeeeeeeee uuuuuuu 

siput137 posted over 6 years ago

he is my favourite guy..

nurulee posted over 6 years ago

ur cute

lol like dolphin haha

xxdanny_roxxx posted over 6 years ago
hero kitten
hero kitten posted over 6 years ago

ekkkkkkk.......Junsu Oppa !!! i love him he is so handsome and goodlooking :) kisses to Junsu Oppa !!!!!Kiss

ForEVeRLIfE posted over 6 years ago

heh heh junsu ur so cute u voice is so cute!^^

junsujjang posted over 6 years ago

XIAH IS the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im in love very deeply with him.... deeper than the ocean higher than the sky!!!!!!

xiah SARANGHAE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

noreul saranghae!!!!!

jinjja jinjja juahae!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


junsu lover
junsu lover posted over 6 years ago

junsu is the best!!!


my love

jiyool posted over 6 years ago
so cute junsu Laughing
lovemonze posted over 6 years ago

kawaii ^^

chieku posted over 6 years ago

i love JUNSU... he so cute and have charisma...

hw look funny when spelling a kyukyakoku or chauchauchauchau...

please tell hi that i'm his fans from INDONESIA. when TVXQ visit Indonesia??


jazZY_95 posted over 6 years ago

Kim Junsu is so...



luv him so much!

micky yoo-chan
micky yoo-chan posted over 6 years ago


Junsu oppa!!!!!!!!!!

you are the best!!

KanginLOVER posted over 6 years ago

im going to marry Xiah one day . Ngawww . hes the hottest most talented guy every .


Sarangheyo (:

pleomax08 posted over 6 years ago

love him so much..sarangheyo junsu oppa..wo ai ni..__

seraficka posted over 6 years ago
SmileSmileSmilekim junsu will always be the best among the rest..... GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!tvxqSmileSmileSmileSmile
kristenwerewolf posted over 6 years ago

kyahh !

LMFAO . i love all dbsk members though .

except that yunho is my least favorite > < 

sowwy !!!!!!!!

Junko-chan posted over 6 years ago

Junsu is the cutest in dbsk!! xDxD

saranghae.micky posted over 6 years ago

saranghae MWAH

π" posted over 6 years ago

so CuTE~ !!

Saranghae~Jae oppa!!
Saranghae~Jae oppa!! posted over 6 years ago


junsu is the best!!!


TraCize! posted over 6 years ago
i like his voice n how he looks but... face it... he's a jerk. n i think he's in love with Lee Hyuk Jae. other than those he's pretty cool. Wink
xiah-love posted over 6 years ago

junsu is the best looking asian guy in the whole world

 i love him

ichika-chan posted over 6 years ago

i love him now n i'll love him 4ever!!!!!!!!

xiah-love posted over 6 years ago

kim junsu is the best

l luv him 

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