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Kim Jae Won

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Kim Jae Won

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Kim Jae Won (born June 18, 1981) is a South Korean actor. Kim made his debut in 2001 in an MBC drama, and his ‘friendly-child’ good looks made him popular. He is nicknamed ‘killing smile’ or a ’smile angel’ for his famous smile.


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houa_smile posted over 7 years ago

kim jae won is one of the best looking korean actor out there.

dorki lily
dorki lily posted over 7 years ago
i still love his hot smile!!!Wink
Nhia03 posted over 7 years ago
his a cutie...Smile
cHa EuN hYe
cHa EuN hYe posted over 7 years ago

i luv kim jae won..luv his skin too..haha

lapland_snowgal29 posted over 7 years ago

i love him.

he looks really like the boy  i luv .

his smile is so sweet.

whenever i miss the boy looks like him,i watch his movies.

i luv him a lot.


jaewonfan posted over 6 years ago

KimJaeWon 's my best Korean actor

his smile is so bright that make his face is so cute

i watched all his drama too many time... now when i have a free time i will watch it again and again...

miss him so much and wish his new drama will coming soon.

lysa posted over 6 years ago

gosh i love his smile

anjhay posted over 6 years ago

luv kim jae won …

emo_rainbow posted over 6 years ago

i love 100 days with mr arrogent


ps hes super hot 

Kttn posted over 6 years ago

Wah, killer smile for sure! One of the best actors. He hasn't done anything the latest two years of what I know… I hope he'll surprise us with a new movie or drama this new year! That would be ultrasweet! :D

yuumi-won posted over 6 years ago


Anni Kim
Anni Kim posted over 2 years ago

He is not only the Best but Kim Jaewon Oppa is a perfect man…specially when he smile. Looks so cute…that’s why he got a nickname MR. KILLER SMILE…Oppa Saranghe