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Kim Chui

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Kim Chui

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Kimberly Sue Yap Chiu or Kim Chiu (born April 19, 1990) was born in Xiamen, China and immigrated to Cebu City at the age of 3. An actress of Chinese descent, she is the first Teen Big Winner of Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition, besting 43 other teen housemates in June 2006.

Her popularity with viewers and an interest in show business led to acting assignments with fellow Pinoy Big Brother Teen housemate Gerald Anderson, who became her acting loveteam partner after Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition.

In the six months since the end of Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition, Chiu and Anderson have appeared together in several shows on the ABS-CBN network, bagged several commercial endorsements, and appeared in their first movie, First Day High.

Chiu is currently working on an upcoming primetime TV series entitled Sana Maulit Muli, where she is once again partnered with Anderson. The series is expected to start airing in the Philippines on the ABS-CBN network in 2007

While she is popular as a teenage fashion model, Chiu has received harsh criticm as an actress and as an artist. Many express that her cute appeal fails to shield her otherwise poor and wooden acting performance, especially in her debut movie First Day High, a film panned by critics and moviegoers.

In an article published by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Nestor Torre criticized Chiu’s performance in First Day High, saying “She has a hard time enunciating her lines. She’s too raw and untrained a performer to realize that acting is communication, so clarity of diction and utterance is of prime importance. In a number of scenes, we wince as we listen to Kim struggling to make herself understood, and failing much of the time.”


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bobt posted over 6 years ago

she is the best , most natural acting, the cutest, lovely and charming..lots of talent and potential..

raycee posted over 4 years ago

wow ur so beautiful inggit 2loy ako sayo....................