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Karen E. Price

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Karen E. Price

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Mouth-watering.  01-81 Playmate.

Playboy Miss January 1981 
Born July 17, 1960 (1960-07-17)
Pasadena, California
Measurements Bust: 38
Waist: 26
Hips: 37
Height 5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)
Weight 123 lb (56 kg/8.8 st)


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misterwhipple posted over 7 years ago
Wow !!! What a set of tits.
Maraschino posted over 7 years ago

The Best there is,

The Best there was,

The Best there ever will be!

Simply the BEST!


Tucan_Sam posted over 7 years ago


The Shadow
The Shadow posted over 7 years ago

First Playboy I ever owned.

I`ll never forget her.

Beauty mercy have on me!

puffdaddy posted over 6 years ago

karen price is the women that dreams are made of! she is a chic that is a fantasy of both man and women alike!

sexayy posted over 6 years ago

i;d fuck her all night long

sexayy posted over 6 years ago

id fucl her all night longg baby

Darth123 posted over 6 years ago
I've gotten Playboy since 1980 and Karen Price is the all_American girl next door ,every guy dreams of!! She has it all;the ambition ,the athleticism ,and of course-The best body ever seen by man!!Chuck.
calcheeseburger posted over 6 years ago

I sat next to her in 4th grade miss Bader's class she was a good girl then and probably still is…..If she ever see's this remember the Football book we wrote in???? Kenny

joeyde4 posted over 6 years ago

I have admired  Karen  since she was first in Playboy , ALways thought of her as a dream wife , simply because she was a month younger than I .. I would love to meet her and tell her that … God Bless  the gorgeous former Playmate

wildreader posted over 5 years ago

Karen Price was always one of the Playmates that you remembered, even though it's been over 15 years since I picked up a Playboy. She had the attractiveness that caught your attention, whether she was wearing a raincoat and boots or a halter and shorts.


Not to mention that she came over as a real person, which is a funny thing to be saying about a model in a men's magazine. Still, if you saw her today she'd probably still have the same personal beauty she had before, just aged a bit.

Stylin&Profilin posted over 5 years ago

My dad had a couple years' worth of Playboys and Penthouses, and this was without a doubt my favorite masturbation picture.  Lay it on the floor and gaze into those beautiful eyes and fantasize about those perfect tits…..

El Kabong!
El Kabong! posted over 5 years ago




Dr Len
Dr Len posted over 3 years ago

With all her body extravaganza it’s her face that sets her apart!

Fur lover
Fur lover posted over 3 years ago

She is the hottest playmate ever and still is. No implants, and that thick bush!!

Total girl next door, and just dream all day of her. Love the full bush and the shot of her lying on her stomach showing that sexy tan lined butt.