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Justin Nickels

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Justin Nickels
Justin Nickels Justin Nickels Justin Nickels Justin Nickels Justin Nickels Justin Nickels Justin Nickels Justin Nickels

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In 2009, Justin Nickels became mayor of Manitowoc, Wis., at age 22. He has ideas. He has looks. Now, at 26, he is going strong.

 When re-elected on April 2, 2013, Nickels received 84 percent of the vote.

 As mayor, Justin has a police force, four fire stations, a large fleet of trucks, a large library, a bus company, an electric company, four beaches, an art museum, a zoo, a movie theater, 23 tennis courts and a budget of 1.5 billion nickels. No one else under 27 has that much.

 Born, Jan. 9, 1987 in Manitowoc, Wis., Justin will have to wait until 2024 to run for president. You don't have to live in Manitowoc to vote for him for best-looking man in the world. So why not vote for Justin today?


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fevertree posted over 5 years ago

Now that Michael has left the galaxy, Justin is the coolest dude alive.

citywatch posted over 5 years ago

With all due respect to Harry and Louise, I do not believe either of you is right.

On Aug 3, 2009 at Manitowoc City Hall, Justin Nickels sported a real, nice tan, a yellow arm-band on his right hand and a gold ring on a finger. Although Nickels had the yellow armband on the election night photos, he did not have the tan or the gold ring.

Aug. 3, 2009 is the day that domestic partnerships became legal in Wisconsin.

Did Justin Nickels get married?

Did Justin Nickels get a domestic partner?

Who is the lucky bride or partner?

City Watcher 


radicalobserver posted over 5 years ago
it was a weekend for kids, hence the rubber ducky.there is no gold ring on his hand. there is a silver ring on his middle finger.rumor has it he is quite the ladies man in manitowoc.

manitowoc's most eligible bachelor.

john59 posted over 5 years ago

As mayor, Justin NIckels wants to clean beaches and end the Christmas tax.


vito73 posted over 5 years ago

Even good locks cannot sustain a veto on a 7=3 vote.


montii posted over 5 years ago

YOWZA a lot of blank faces HAHA

1776america posted over 5 years ago

Justin Nickels is a great American. God bless you, Justin.


joedd posted over 4 years ago

I would die for that man.


Joe D.

Boomstam posted over 4 years ago

omg this is so retarded, gladd to be european :')