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Jon & Dan Heder

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Jon & Dan Heder

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NEICEY42 posted over 6 years ago

If I would have never seen Napolean Dynamite and how tall John Heder was I would not have been able to tell him from his brother because they look juuuuuuuuuuuust alike. John is just a little taller and he is a good actor. Does his brother act as well.

KatsyKarma posted over 6 years ago


Heder acted alongside brother Jon in the short film The Wrong Brother (2000), and again with Jon and older brother Doug in Funky Town (2000), both while attending BYU.

In 2005 he appeared on the U.S. TV show Punk'd as one of the collaborators, in a prank played on his twin brother Jon (Season 4 Episode 6). Dan coaxed Jon to what Jon thought was an ordinary L.A. party (but which turned out to be a brothel), only to disappear with one of the "hookers" right before the "Vice Squad" (Punk'd cast members) arrived. Dan was taken outside (ostensibly being arrested), while Jon was interrogated by Chris Elwood (posing as an LAPD detective), who claimed he had footage of Dan with a hooker "doing some stuff". A visibly frightened Jon was vastly relieved when the joke was revealed (whilst he too was being "arrested").

In 2006, Heder worked as an animator on the animated film Monster House, and today he runs the production company Greasy Entertainment with brothers Jon and Doug.

Dan and his brother Jon star together as villains in the fourth installment of the popular internet martial arts comedy series Sockbaby.

But he's generally a film producer more then anything else.