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John Cusack

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John Cusack

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Best Movie Hitman: Grosse Pointe Blank


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wildredsea posted over 8 years ago

no one smarter, no one sexier, no better voice, no better smile….JC is the BEST

&isayhello posted over 7 years ago

best sexy 80’s actor. x3

Vano posted over 7 years ago
I finally got around to seeing Say Anything, and I was kind of suprised that the picture of him you see everywhere holding the boombox is so popular. It wasn't even a very significant part. I assumed she was going to run out to him or something.
Melissa posted over 7 years ago

I know exactly what you mean, Vano. I was surprised the first time I saw the movie too… but I think it's just one of those little romantic things that everyone wishes would happen.

Vano posted over 7 years ago

Yeah, but if I was to wish that would happen, I would want her to actually come out of the house. Instead it's more psychological. He just plays their song to get her thinking about him, then we have to wait a while.

inyourpanorama posted over 7 years ago

I find him so endearing. Not attractive in a sexual way, but very friendly-looking.

Granted, he was in the worst movie I’ve ever seen (Runaway Jury = yuck), but High Fidelity definitely absolved him. =) I love that movie.