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Jin Bora

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Jin Bora
Jin Bora Jin Bora Jin Bora Jin Bora Jin Bora

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░Jin B●ra░

Geni♥s ♪ Pianist
Korean Name: 진보라
Romaji Name: Jin Bora, Jin Bo Ra, Jin Bo-ra
English Name: Bora Gene
Date of Birth: November 14, 1987
Ethnic: Korean
Language(s) Spoken: Korean and English
Occupation: Jazz Pianist
Sub Occupation(s): Composer, Music Arranger and CF Model
Music Genre: Jazz
Music Instrument(s) Played: Piano, Violin and other string and percussion instruments.
CF/Promotion Model: Pringles, Samsung, Anycall's AnyBand
TV Debut: Classic Odyssey KBS

♫ The Jin B○ra

Jin Bora is a professional musician despite her young age. She considers herself first and foremost a pianist. Bora began playing the piano from age 3, when she was acknowledged to have absolute pitch. Her career is young but has already made an impact.

Bora is a perfectionist when it comes to music. She is very thorough to the last detail when making preparations. During concert rehearsals, she would at times spend 4 to 5 hours on sound checks alone. Sometimes she is inspired by noises during her on stage performances, such as cell phones ringing and camera flash sounds. She enters into another world of music at the sound of children laughing, people coughing or even breathing as they indulge in her music.

Her talent is a given but Bora is a born performer as well. She has no fear of the stage. She enjoys performing in front of others, saying "jazz is more fun in others' company." Once the atmosphere is set, she is driven and ready to go. She completely steals the audience's attention as she leads it deep into her music world. She shined during several collaborations with renowned American jazz pianist Ronn Branton. Her love for jazz began with inspiration by the great Oscar Peterson as she began to befriend the piano as a young child.

Bora was quick to absorb and learn new concepts even when very young. She expresses the most difficult of emotions extremely well. Experts who heard her music in various concours cannot soon forget her. Branton praised her talent, saying that "she's young but displays enormous musical knowledge and performance techniques as she fearlessly plays the piano." He even arranged a special time for Bora to play at his own concert.

From early on, Bora was the black horse at the piano institute she attended because she played Mozart and Beethoven sonatas free-style. She thought playing by the score was boring. But as she grew older, she pursued music that was comforting and easy to listen to, a music style that struck a perfect harmony with her vivacious personality. As Bora gradually grew weary of the piano, her mother taught her the violin and Korean percussion instruments, in particular the drum called 'janggu,' to teach her the variation in music. Her mother's unique education led Bora to leave the formal school education system during middle school. Her mother decided to home school Bora, who would practice music in her room for five straight hours at a time, or sometimes even all day long. Some expressed concern over the decision, but now that Bora has passed the college entrance qualification exam, the young pianist believes it was a wise decision.

♫ The Deb♥t
After successful debut on the air, a TV program named Classic Odyssey of KBS, she appeared on TV over 15 times and 16 times in major magazine and newspapers as an infant genius in Future Maestro of Ethnic Jazz in Korea.

♫ The Achievements and Perf♥rmances

Bora then left school in her second year of middle school and began home schooling. She took top prize in jazz at the 2001 Seoul Artspool Conservatory Concours and will take on serious study at the Berklee College of Music as a scholarship student. Bora has transformed from a jazz beginner to an up and coming jazz artist.

Jin Bora has performed in small and large concerts as well as cultural events. Such as KEPCO Artspool Center, Seoul Grand Park, Samsung Open Tide, Chularm Festival of Taebak City, Chuncheon International Mime Centre (Into the Jazz & Rock Festival), Kwangju International Film Festival, Sungkyunkwan University, Busan Cultural Center, Asiana International Short Film Festival, Seoul Arts Center, Sejung Culture Center for the French Embassy, O-San Culture Center, Incheon Culture Center, Guchang Culture Center and she appeared on most KBS programs.

♫ The Collab♥rations and Features

Bora has played with many famous musicians some including, Ronn Branton Jazz Trio, Canadian Jazz Band (Jennifer Ryan & Cash Cow), Mediation Musician Nawang Khecong, Yunghee Shin (Traditional Korean Vocal), Professor In Young Paek (Traditional Korean Harp), Indian Flutist C E Han, American Pianists Avo Uvezian and Mike Franklin, Soprano Won Jung Kim, Professor Hyun Joo Park (Jazz Vocalist) and French Violinist Didier, just to name a few.

In late 2007 Bora joined a promotional group named AnyBand. She played amongst top Korean artist, BoA, Xiah Junsu from TVXQ! and Tablo from Epik High as well a collaborating with DJ Tukutz from Epik High at the AnyBand concert.

♫ The Comp♥sition

Storm of Desert, School Picnic, Cold Noodle, Memory of Silent Dancing Flowers, Black & White Photograph, A Slack Afternoon, Something Last Forever Under the Sun, The First Date, Two of Us, Chopin Virus, In a Fine Day, Go, Go Gadget!!!, BoraDano and Soul Me.

♫The First Alb♥m and The Other Projects

Bora is currently working on her first solo album targeting Korea, Japan and the US. When album preparations wrap by this summer, she plans to launch a nationwide tour. She says that the piano is her life, but adds that she doesn't want to spend all her life just playing the piano. Her cute looks and slender figure, in addition to her talent, offer great commercial star potential. Last year, she debuted as a model. She is now shooting a film called 'The Pianoforte of Love.' She also expressed the desire to know how other people live. She's still a 19 year old who wants to do and see many things. One of her many dreams is to join charity concerts to encourage the hearts of many people. Meanwhile, she will continue to play the piano with her warm and passionate heart.

♫ Vide♥s♫
Anyband MV - making
SG Wannabe feat. Jin Bora - Like Rain Like Music
Anyband Showcase
Anyband Concert - Day Dream [MNet]
Anyband Concert - Promise U [MNet]
Anyband Concert - Talk, Play, Love [MNet]
Anyband Concert - Violin [Fancam]
Anyband Concert - Soul me


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