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Jashinism is a religion that is believed to have originated on the island of Shikoku, Japan during the late Jomon period (14,000 b.c – 300 b.c) to the early Nara period (710 a.d – 794 a.d) yet disappeared due to Buddhism and Shintoism.


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khajiitchick posted over 7 years ago

i had never heard of jashinism before, but whe nmy friend told me about it, i really got the ideals of the religion and found it amazing. 

Akatsukizero posted over 6 years ago

I was confused and did not know my place, then I heard of Jashin. Now I know that the feelings I have are natural and it is Jashin communicating his will to me.

LexapaDasso posted over 6 years ago

face the pain ^^


becca.rose93 posted over 6 years ago

when i found jashin, i guess i was really confused, btu now that i know he loves me, well, that he created em more or less, i feel great and i can face any thing

HexTK posted over 6 years ago

Lord Jashin truely is the only path, i thank my anime habits for introducing him to me!


JashinDamnit posted over 6 years ago

Jashinism is such a misunderstood religion. Jashinism is not a religion based on forgiveness of individual sins or attaining holy recognition; it’s focused more on cleansing and salvation. We don’t wait for Jashin-sama to intervene in our lives, we take action for ourselves. We provide our own absolution and reward. Perhaps, for that reason, the fact that we Jashinists provide our own resolution, that we are not judged by Jashin-sama for who we are, makes Jashinism the best religion there could possibly be.

 All hail Jashin-sama and long live Jashinism!

samgirl posted over 6 years ago

is this a real religion? just wondering. dont hurt me.

Bijin posted over 6 years ago

Umm ... I think your 'religion' is actually a copyright infringement. You might wanna check if it's okay to steal an imaginary god from a mangaka with Kishimoto Masashi.

Wasn't Jashinism meant to be the artistic equivalent of insanity and religious extremism in the Naruto world? The only values of 'Jashin' were pain, death, murder and suffering. Sounds very healthy. And entirely socially acceptable.

It's also amusing that people who clearly are not Japanese and do not speak Japanese are wandering around saying 'Jashin-sama' as if it's entirely natural instead of a strange confusion between anime and real life.

JashinDamnit posted over 6 years ago

Oi, you, uh, Bijin. Just let us have some fun. Yeesh.

Hope_the_wondering_follower posted over 6 years ago

Hello. My name is Hope. (nice to meet ya! :D ) In my World Religions class we got an an assignment to write about any religion we thought interesting and I choose Jashinism because of how fast it seem to be spreading about. But I need a little help writing since all I have for information about it comes from the Naruto manga and sites like you have made. (which I do so love!) So here are some questions that I would like to ask and if you have any way of answering them that would be great. (oh and if you know people who could help me out of give me info you can forward my email to them!) 1. What are the main rules? 2. Has any bothered to make a official book on this? 3. What is the number of people being converted per year/day/month? 4. Do you think that it could become a real religion like Christianity?

Thanks! Hope you get back to me!

jordan loves emily
jordan loves emily posted over 5 years ago

you are all tool's if you really adopted such a religion you would all kill yourselves by stabbing yourself in the chest  and that would probly d the world some good ridding the world of such wankers

Luna-Zamiko posted over 5 years ago


crimsondagger posted over 5 years ago

oi, jordan or what ever ur fuckin name is, don't dis other ppls beliefs jus coz ur a frightened little ass hu can't accept that other ppl aren't like you, a discrimitive bastard, for your information it's not the chest that a jashinist stabs themselves through, it's through the pendent where it lands which is the stomach and actually, it's with a small knife that isn't long enuff to cause real damage, just obtain the blood required for the ritual, it's not even required to stab urself either, a simple cut thats deep enuff to draw blood is enuff. n seriously the world would be much better without small minded individuals that can't accept the differences of other ppl, jashinist's understand the pain of others and don't inflict pain unless it's inflicted on them. try learning to accept the beliefs of other ppl, instead of just ur own and piss off. wanker!

DeathGod posted over 5 years ago

I think ppl should start Jashinism up lol even though its from naruto but who gives a fuck about it i have carved the sign into my leg and my best mate carved it into his back well i carved it xD and don't think where crazy coz where not we just think jashin should be something that ppl need to know about it and chose if they want to worship him or some bloody mother fucking god that does nothing

crimsondagger posted over 5 years ago

jashinism is a passionate religion! respect to fellow worshippers!

zamino posted over 5 years ago

jashin is my god and if you dont like it then go and f#$king DIE!!!!!!!!

jashinismygod posted over 5 years ago

i started worshiping lord jashin around 3 years ago my mom had the "jashin isn't real" talk with me i sulked for a week before i finally snapped and just ignored my mom and continued worshiping lord jashin ^^ oh and to anyone that says that lord jashin isn't real GO FUCK YOUR SELF YOU FUCKING HEATHENS

Olius posted over 5 years ago

all of u should stab u'r self, sick fuck :P

Jashinistpriestess posted over 5 years ago

I face the pain because I know Jashin is my god and he is the reason I exist. It is sad how many heathens there are on this planet who fail to see that Gdo is watching them.

BloodyBat posted over 5 years ago

I don’t know if I am going to be a Jashinist, if I do it might not be for awhile, but I do support this, it is awesome. Oh, and if you don't have anything nice to say about Jashinism, are against it, or don't at least support it, then GTFO!!!

Jashinistpriestess posted over 5 years ago

I have the symbol carved into my chest. The sight of the blood was simply fucking wonderful and the pain is so calming to me.

redbelt0990 posted over 5 years ago

jashinism is real it was just used on naruto too!

redbelt0990 posted over 5 years ago

I looked it up it is a real religion but Masashi kishimoto used it on naruto.

Hidan the Jashinist
Hidan the Jashinist posted over 5 years ago

I have heard of Jashinism, I have read a few things on it, but does anyone have a good source on it? I am thinking of converting, but I need to know everything before hand. Thank you. Um, please email it to me? (PS, I know that Phoenix is spelt wrong).

little girl blue
little girl blue posted over 5 years ago
hi im 16 and thinking of converting to jashinism but can anyone give me some more details like rules or thing i need to know if so contact me (
onesexybitch posted over 5 years ago

quick question i want to know if this is a real religion or if masashi kishimoto just made it up for naruto or not it would really help if someone could reply quick and give me the facts the best way to do that is to email me at

shootingstars posted over 5 years ago

why don't u read on the first comment below ?

peopel won't give their e-mail so easily to the strangers

awesomenesss posted over 5 years ago

Omg all u jashinists, when argued about your beliefs get so agro, ur all like go fuck urself n go kill urself n shit haha u must all b pretty fucked up in the head but yeh good luck converting people to jashinism when ur all a bunch of fucked up psycho's :)

Jashinistpriestess posted over 5 years ago

There are more of us than you realize awesomenesss. Its closed minded people like you who don't seem to realize that just because you are against it deos not mean that you have the right to bash us. It is you who needs to fuck yourself. Jashinsits may be very sacrifice related but we don't aim to kill ourselves if you took more time to know the religion you would know this.

GirlishDreaming posted over 5 years ago
Could someone please Email me and tell me about the religion.  It sounds very interesting.  (
Kurkumera posted over 5 years ago

Jashinism is’nt made up by Naruto… its a real cult in the world lol I know because i did research on it for Social Psycology last week. They believe the more pain they cause them selves the less they will feel it and it will cause them to become immortal. They have several ways to pray to Jashin sama as he is called, They either pray with their rosary like necklace or if they don't have it they will draw the symbol with their finger in the sky. Some of them are passive and don't do harm to themselves, others go all out like Hidan and sacrific(sp) as many as possable, also impaling their victums to walls.

cartoonsrstupid101 posted over 5 years ago


Rin~Amaya posted over 4 years ago


I have no fucking idea wat crawled up your tight ass and died but u need to fuck off and leave other people and their religion alone.just because u r a lonely son of a bitch that has nothing to do but find some dumb ass reason to hate everyone just like they hate u doesn’t mean u have the right to piss us off by saying that our religion sucks even though u kno absolutely nothing about it.I have and actual reason to hate u and so do the rest of the Jashinists and I think u shuld just go and crawl up someones ass and die like the thing up your ass i mentioned earlier.damn heathen!! @cartoonsrstupid who the hell r u callin a damn gay wod u pansey?!r u too much of a pussy to call us something more creative because u think we might track u down and reward u with a long and painfull death?most of us,probly all, fantasize about something so fantastic like that even though we kno it might never come true unless we take over the world.and I believe that will happen and I hope to be one of the higher u better watch ur tongue and if u say something like that agian about a religion,u better watch ur back!

Hyperactive Ninja Girl!
Hyperactive Ninja Girl! posted over 4 years ago

I think Jashinism is a really misunderstood religion. I can't believe what some people are saying about it such as this "jordan loves emily" guy. I have recently been doing alot of research on Jashinism and find it very interesting (who knows, I might even convert from Christianity) and I just want to say that all you people who are putting this religion down disgust me to the bone and trust me when I say it is very hard to get me to hate a person so stop talking about someones religion like that because it is narrow minded people like you who are making this world rot!

jashinownsu posted over 4 years ago

Oi, jashinistpreistess. I like u; it’s nice to find some people that aren’t all like ” you’re a fucking psycho” and some other bullshit. I’m glad that there are people that believe in Lord Jashin as strongly as I do. I was honestly scared that it was just me and my sister. Some of you fucking haters need to shut your fucking mouths; you’re all fucking HEATHENS, and if i had the resources i’d hunt your asses down and sacrifice them in the name o Jashin; as long as u don’t piss yourselves first. Jashin is so much better than what christians consider to be “god”; Lord Jashin, aa well as being pain, death, & destruction is also vengeance. He watches for us, guiding us down the bloodiest path he see’s fit; your “god” stands idly by, and does not guide. Therefore, Lord Jashin is and always will be my only God.

Rin~Amaya posted over 4 years ago

I agree with you fully, jashinownsu. And you should kno that there are thousands of other Jashinists out there, including me. I don’t care what all those damn heathens say about Lord Jashin. We have seen many different things that have opened our eyes to Jashin, and realize that he is the only real god. One day I hope that those heathens that critisize us now, will pay a horrible and painful price from Lord Jashin himself. Maybe then they will see that they were wrong the whole time. That it is their fake god that was never real and that they were the ones who should be critisized by us. But because they are to arrogant and tight assed, they will never see the truth that we have. And they will never feel true happiness or safety like we do because we know that Lord Jashin is always there to guide us. Unlike their god who does absolutly nothing and watches all his followers die one by one because of his doing. But they will all learn one day. Even if we have to cram it into their thick skulls ourselves, they will bow before Lord Jashin one day. The whole world will, and Lord Jashin will bring peace.

Emo X
Emo X posted over 4 years ago

Lord Jashin-sama give me strength to destroy the aethiests. Help me to sacrafice all who don't know you as their God. Of this i pray..

Rin~Amaya posted over 4 years ago

Don’t u guys think it is a little abnormal that those damn heathens aren’t critisizing anymore. Maybe they have finally realized that they need to fear what is supposed to be feared by people like them. But I sort of like it kuz I’m not getting pissed off at someone I have never met….though I do do that alot! I just hope they decided that they should just leave us alone kuz they kno that we r gonna kill them one day anyway, so wats the point? Plus I’m running out of insults… Now let us give prayers to Lord Jashin in hopes of a close, wonderful future where we rule the world and everyone worships Jashin. May He give us the strength to live another day on this heathen infested world in hopes of doing our duities as Jashinists. And that He accepts our blood and pain in our rituals worshipping Him. Long live Jashinism and all hail Lord Jashin!!!!!!! Woooooo!

Shinika posted over 4 years ago

Jashinism is a real religion. it started in ancient japan and died out because of madern day law and society but there are still jashinists in parts of the world. granted that on naruto shippuden they did fuck up a few things about jashinism with hidan but its still a real religion and should be treated as such so anyone that says its not real can fuckin die for all i care.

SephChan941 posted over 4 years ago

Jashinisn is the best religion ever!!!!!

SephChan941 posted over 4 years ago
Jashinism is the best religion EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
peaso1 posted over 4 years ago

jashinism is the only way (but my friends believe in some fake god known as jesus)

they obviously cant understand jashin-samma's will (for that they must be sacreficed) =)

sagera016 posted over 4 years ago

I like the religion's ideas and am thinking of converting, but i cant find much info on it except from Naruto forums…is there a place i could look to see the beliefs and practices of the religion to see if it is right for me? Or if someone here knows something could you email me at , please….

SephChan941 posted over 4 years ago
Hail Jashin!
peaso1 posted over 4 years ago

at the moment im making myself a jashin bible


to other jashinists out there (hail jashin-samma)

peaso1 posted over 4 years ago

damn my parents r makin me move to cairns and go to a cathlic school

im gonna be surrounded by heathens =(

why jashin why!!!

Haze Souda Hidan Reborn
Haze Souda Hidan Reborn posted over 4 years ago

HAIL LORD JASHIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to all ppl who follow this religion

may lord jashin bless ur lives

an 4 those who dont I WILL SACRIFICE U MY SELF

peaso1 posted over 4 years ago

so im moving tomorrow

hopefully the plane will crash in the name of jashin >=)



Haze Souda Hidan Reborn
Haze Souda Hidan Reborn posted over 4 years ago




peaso1 posted over 4 years ago

were now in cairns and i guess its ok but when we went swimming at the hotel some kid was staring at me so i punched him in the face and watched him cry it was funny


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