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“The jackalope — also called an antelabbit— in folklore is said to be a cross between a jackrabbit and an antelope (hence the name) and is usually portrayed as a rabbit with antlers. Some believe that the tales of jackalopes were inspired by sightings of rabbits infected with the Shope papillomavirus, which causes the growth of horn- and antler-like tumors in various places on the rabbit’s head and body.[1]. On the other hand, the human imagination has often delighted in creating composites made from two or more animals (such as the griffin and chimera), and does not really need a logical reason to do so. One common southwestern species of jackrabbit is called the antelope jackrabbit, because of its ability to run quickly like an antelope; it would have been easy enough to imagine instead (for comic effect) that this jackrabbit had the horns of an antelope.” from WIkipedia, of course


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hotpinkplaydough posted over 7 years ago

cooli pic!