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Jac Vanek

Created by Ellie Eclipse. Last Edited by Runaway Blues. Tagged as: People
Jac Vanek
Jac Vanek Jac Vanek Jac Vanek Jac Vanek Jac Vanek Jac Vanek Jac Vanek Jac Vanek

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Name: Jacquelene Vanek
From: Los Angeles, United States
Home: orange county
Sex: Female
Age: 20
Zodiac: Taurus
Orientation: Straight
Religion: Christian - Other
Drink: Yes
Smoke: No
Children: Someday
Education: In College
Occupation: photographer/student

About Jac: having faith. lucid dreaming. psychology. los angeles. having butterflies. sugarfree lattes. sugarfree anything. keyboard. ghost hunting. pugs. sushi. golden spoon. the bible. trains and subways in nyc. reconstruction. mannequins. the sand, the water, the beach. friends all over the country. black holes. the holocaust. thrifting. grey goose. the ab lounge. text monsters. pch. proving you wrong. feeling infinite.

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alucardx0x. posted over 7 years ago


ayoo its franny
ayoo its franny posted over 7 years ago

i love her & her hair,

i hear she goes 2 UCLA.

Ellie Eclipse
Ellie Eclipse posted over 7 years ago

I really look up to her!

She is my idol!!!!

I'm really want to get into photography and hers inspires me...

She's also extremely gorgeous. =3



TKMAYHEM posted over 7 years ago

Jac is rather purty…

raWWWr yew bitches
raWWWr yew bitches posted over 6 years ago

yaa.shes aweshum…ive actually seen sum really really old pixx of her wit audrey, nd they seem 2 b really good friends be4…i like it ^^

tstone12 posted over 5 years ago

i love her so much. and all of her merch. one of my idols

Runaway Blues
Runaway Blues posted over 2 years ago