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Is Lelouch Dead or Alive?

Created by Zero's sister . Last Edited by Zero's sister . Tagged as: Ideas
Is Lelouch Dead or Alive?
Is Lelouch Dead or Alive? Is Lelouch Dead or Alive?

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Zero's sister
Zero's sister posted over 6 years ago

I personally think that lelouch is still alive because he's imortal :P

PheonixKuriboh posted over 5 years ago

Long life to Lelouch! XD

Kagome and Inu fan
Kagome and Inu fan posted over 5 years ago

I think that he is alive (he is inmortal)

the person CC talks to at the end (right, lelouch?) is lelouch, the guy in the carriage all covered up. He obviously assumed another identity and got a new name so that everyone will think that he died, and that way he could lead a peaceful life with CC

PinkLotus posted over 5 years ago

totally agree with kagome and inu fan, he is alive and hopefully happy with CC somewhere

AnimeGuy150 posted over 5 years ago

The world may never know…

kawaiXflower posted over 5 years ago

If he was alive, I don't think he would show himself unless something serious happened, in which case he would hide his identity since everyone thought he was a tyrant Frown

montii posted over 5 years ago

i think he’s alive cuz he’s alive thats why oh and i agree with zero’s sister he is immortal

PheonixKuriboh posted over 5 years ago

Best "Long Life to Lelouch" please

ichihime4ever posted over 5 years ago

I think Lulu is DEAD  he is not imortal only c.c./cecaniah corabelle  the real  nym of c.c. but i think  when c.c.  got in the carriage she asked some questions to lulu..but lulu is not a boy he is only a paper bird that  c.c. made  but the bird   suddenly reply to her i think  lulu is dead   but her soul is happy bcoz  nanally live a  peaceful place & his soul was in the paper bird  even if  lulu's body died     he is still  beside only evidence  that lulu is dead when c.c. is in the church & praying 4  lelouch bcoz at that tym she knows that lulu will be dead..and when suzaku killed lelouch in the eyes of many people c.c.'s heart beat faster just like her reactions when nao's dead thats what i think bcoz i see all the series and i am a lelouch & c.c. lover 


ichihime4ever posted over 5 years ago

but i think that man who controls the horses is lelouch

HitsugiFan4ever posted over 5 years ago

I belive that Lelouch is still alive and i hope they make an R3

Princess Daikirai
Princess Daikirai posted over 3 years ago

Lelouch is immortal,so he is naturally alive.As Suzaku “killed” him he just lost consciousness,like C.C as she was hit by a rock in one episode

animetruth posted over 2 years ago

Ok Hold on Lelouch is ALIVE heres why

1st-He made a contract with C2 and he cant die until he full-fills his contract with C2

2nd- Ive seen 3 diffrent ending to the black rebellion episode 25 R2 and all show Lelouch or mention him from C2

3ed-At the end of the first episode of Code Geass Akito The Exiled you see Suzaku and hes alive and Lelouch Geass last as long as he is alive so if Lelouch is alive then so is Suzaku

So there he is alive and well but iam not sure if we will see hime in the New Code geass Akito the exiled or not well just have to wait and see

For more truth about code Geass Email me