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Inoo Kei

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Inoo Kei
Inoo Kei Inoo Kei Inoo Kei Inoo Kei Inoo Kei Inoo Kei Inoo Kei Inoo Kei Inoo Kei

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Former Member Of J.J.Express

Debuted no longer Johnny's Jr.

  • Name: Inoo Kei
  • Profession: Singer
  • Birthdate: 1990.06.22
  • Birthplace: Saitama
  • Blood type: A
  • Height: 170.3 cm
  • Weight: 48 kg
  • Agency: Johnny's Entertainment 
  • Former groups: J.J Express
  • Admiried senior: KAT-TUN
  • Charming Point: Hand (beautiful like girl's hand.
  • Fav. Food: Cooked Rice, Udon, Ramen
  • Valuable Thing: Letters from Fan Club
  • First Love: Primary School Year 1
  • Fav. Type of Girl: Cute, Kind
  • Talent: Basketball, Drawing, Guitar, Piano
  • Dream: CD Debut
  • His favorite color is sky blue, and he hates the color green and yellow.
  • His hobby is learning English. He likes to study new English words.
  • The type of girl that he likes is a girl who has manners and has common sense.
  • Doesn't like Mathematics and English, despite the fact that he keeps studying English. He hopes someday he would learn to love this subject.

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aifa90 posted over 7 years ago



nya-nya posted over 6 years ago




shitsuka matsumoto
shitsuka matsumoto posted over 6 years ago

kawaii-neyh!! love him so stuck at him rite cute

why there are so little people bested him??

love hey say arashi too!!

riku-tan posted over 6 years ago

inoo-tan wa hontoni kakkoi desu.sukii kei-chan no koto.


jepxii posted over 5 years ago

hey guys!!!


i also love inoo..


he sure rocks!!


please take care of me!!


inform me of any new news about hsj and everyone else!!

nice meeting everyone!


rupa-chan posted over 5 years ago

inoo~! kyaaaa~!!!!!!!!!!


kawaii           **chuu

keisai08 posted over 5 years ago

this person is the reason why im still living~!

i love him, i love Inoo Kei so much~!

hope that, someday, i'll meet him and be my boyfriend~! :DD

LoL~! :DD

chuu*, Kai-sama~! :DD

keisai08 posted over 5 years ago

ooops! wrong type~!

i mean, "KEi-SAMA"~! LoL~! :DD

Haruchi posted over 2 years ago

BEST human being living ever.