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Hwang Mi Hee

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Hwang Mi Hee
Hwang Mi Hee Hwang Mi Hee Hwang Mi Hee Hwang Mi Hee Hwang Mi Hee Hwang Mi Hee Hwang Mi Hee Hwang Mi Hee Hwang Mi Hee

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Cute Korean model and race queen Hwang Mi Hee (황미희)

Hwang Mi Hee (황미희)
January 21, 1982
Height / weight: 174cm / 51kg
Body size: 35-24-35
Hobbies: Movies, music, reading, exercise
Motto: Practice makes perfect
Favorite Car: Porsche, Bentley

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aznvidz posted over 5 years ago
More photos and videos of Hwang Mi Hee at
bkywster posted over 5 years ago

Happy Birth Day to

Hwang Mi Hee.........


I Love You.....


McVic281 posted over 5 years ago

Still got to vote for you.  Your the best.


HardcoreOtaku posted over 5 years ago

I love Mi Hee, she's really talented nd incredibly hawt xP

rishan posted over 4 years ago

she's so awesome...



she is the girl that every men wants....

she is the BEST...

hotaru_WL posted over 4 years ago

nice boobs

Jcoy posted over 4 years ago

when i first saw hwang mi hee i couldn't believe how hot she was and now i can't get enough of her she is just so fine!!!!

fin2kl posted over 3 years ago

i wish i can go to korea and meet her personally....

i dont know why i like her so much...

but i think she is like an angel down to earth


i just want to  have a little chat with her

i dont care how much money i will spend just to meet her

just wait Hwang Mi Hee..... 


there's one person who really2 adore you in indonesia