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A Korean boy band with 5 members : Moon Hee Jun, Jang Woo Hyuk, An Seung Ho, An Chil Hyun (KangTa), Lee Jae Won. But they seperated 6 years ago _

But to their fans, they’ve always been a best legend


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Members that think H.O.T is the best!

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blckprljin012 posted over 7 years ago

ah, H.O.T., i miss them so much!!!

khanhdan posted over 7 years ago

miss them too. Wish they can be like before. They`re the first band make me cry so much


LunaBoscorelli posted over 7 years ago

I really miss H.O.T, i've been watching some of their videos on YouTube, and i gotta say, they were the best, i really loved their music, they had some really awesome dance moves too, miss them totally.

Marry posted over 7 years ago

aww. Kangta is so hot.

i missed their group High five of teenagers 

dbskprincess posted over 7 years ago


SuperJuniorLuva4Eva posted over 7 years ago

I Mis H.O.T T_T They were so popular… Then they broke T_T If they came back… I'd like, cry. Rofl. H.O.T FOREVER!!!

Suju13 posted over 7 years ago

Their songs are really nice..

xoxjaesihaehyunoxo posted over 7 years ago

HOT were the best =[[[[[[ ~ i miss HOT T_T ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Jasmine* posted over 7 years ago
The legends of K- music industry ^^
They were the one who made me love korean music back in 95 i respect them alot and i wish they never disbanded  T.T
Lalabluechi posted over 7 years ago
H.O.T is a legend wich started everything so they are the best Korean Boy Band out there!!Laughing
*SuperJunioR*LoveR* posted over 7 years ago
i love how the suju member make fun of eeteuk that he was one of the member in H.O.T!!!!!!!!
l33_HG posted over 6 years ago

—---mhy aunt loves you guys she would kill to see you guys in concert…......

l33_HG posted over 6 years ago

—---my aunt loves you guys she would kill to see you guys in concert…......

punkie posted over 6 years ago


hero kitten
hero kitten posted over 6 years ago
was Kangta in that band ? and i miss H.O.T too we love you guys and i love thier song candy Tongue out H.O.T FOREVER !!!!!!!! XD
matt noh1
matt noh1 posted over 6 years ago

bigbang is endin like them mannn i loved them when they came to my city an the final concert was amazing couldnt stop cryin but time ta move on

Bonnieyuki posted over 6 years ago

TONY <3 I miss H.O.T!!

LoveInTheIce posted over 5 years ago

Wasn't H.O.T the start to everything? They're such a legend. I wish they never disbanded. Haa~ H.O.T Forever. I love Hyukie the best~ Hammer Boy~ I heard that DBSK and SuJu became who they were because they wanted to reach up to H.O.T. I don't know if it's true, but I'm believing it because DBSK and SuJu sang some of H.O.T's songs. I bet H.O.T would be proud of themselves if they were to see how much they created an impact on Korean music~ But I think they already know~ SARANGHAE YO, H.O.T~

I'm listening to Warrior Descendants right now~ I LOVE THEIR MUSIC AND THEIR DANCE MOVES~~~~~