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Half Cats

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Half Cats

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A mystery that dates back at least 30 years

"My 15-yr-old cat, Legend, was found cut in half in Long Beach, California. I believe the date was May 13, 2004. Both halves of her body were in the yard. The rear area in one part, the middle and upper part in the other. The cut was extremely precision. There was no blood, no hair in the wound on either cat half, nothing to indicate something serrated had been used. I remember saying at the time that it looked like she'd been cut with a laser because the edges of the wounds were so smooth and clean. And I just couldn't understand the lack of blood. There were no other indications of trauma." Long Beach, CA

"It was the back third of the cat, laying in the middle of the street in a residential area. I thought it was kind of weird when I saw it, but then concluded that maybe a fox or coyote killed it and dropped the remains in the street on it's way out of the neighborhood. I didn't think much else of it until I found the second one in mid-August. It was on the SAME street, about 2 blocks down. It was, again, the back third of the cat, laying in the middle of the street. I got out of the car and looked at it this time, and it was like you were describing on the show this morning. The cut was extremely clean, there was no blood, no organs." Thornton, CO

"About 3 years ago, I was walking my dog near my townhouse and saw the back
half of a cat that looked like it had been cleanly severed and placed in
that position on the grass, just as you described last night. There was no
blood or any other body parts near the cat's remains. I never saw
anything like it again."  Santa Clarita, CA

"I came upon a cat that looked like it had been cut in half. I couldn't get closer to it as the dog was very nervous around it, but the rear quarter of the cat was missing and there was no evidence of any blood. When I returned home I called Mesa PD immediately and reported finding the cat and described the state it was in. The lady I spoke with at the PD told me it was probably a coyote. I told her that if a coyote had done this, it sure did a very clean job as it looked like the cat had been cut with a band saw." Mesa, AZ

"She described the cat as being neatly cut in half, with the back end missing, and no visible blood or sign of struggle. Her first inclination was to blame one of the two dogs we had at the time, but she said that it didn’t quite feel right to do so. The dogs hadn’t acted like they’d killed the cat. Strangely, they didn’t even bark or act out in any way during the stretch of time in which the mutilation occurred. Neither still, did our other cats, who lived both in the house and outside, give any indication of knowing what had happened. My mother said the mutilation was like an 'isolated event.' She had been awake and inside the house for the entire window of time, and does not recall seeing or hearing anything strange." Winnemucca, NV

"This past spring we had a half cat in our back yard. It was in our shed and
the strange thing is my whole yard is fenced in. Our cat was hanging around
meowing hideously and we found the half cat carcass. Now our cat has been
missing for a few months and we figure perhaps the same thing happened to
him." Meriden, CT



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NomiLove posted over 7 years ago

Reminds me of the cattle mutilations in Colorado and NM. Remember those? That was weird too. (Why does this stuff only happen out west?)

Hideous Monster
Hideous Monster posted over 7 years ago

Connecticut is not exactly out west, but I suppose for the cattle mutilations, there are more cattle out west to be mutilated (some, however, have been reported in Canada). Also, some people have noted that this half-cat mystery seems to take place in relatively close proximity to military bases.  It could easily be a coincidence, because there are a lot of military bases out there, and I wouldn't be surprised if most mysteries occur within several dozen miles of them.

MastaKink posted over 7 years ago

Is there mention of divorce in any of these cases?

Hideous Monster
Hideous Monster posted over 7 years ago

No, but it's a good bet that if it's the result of a divorce, the man gets custody of the back half.

AntiSocial posted over 6 years ago

lmao. funniest thing I read today.. I dunno whether to believe it or not, if there arent any pictures? What son ofa gun is dumb enough not to take a picture? haha, but it was interesting to read.

Lue-chan posted over 5 years ago

Sounds like the same thing as the cattle mutilations like NomiLove said… Very eerie indeed.

verycurious posted over 4 years ago

There was a back side half of a cat out front of my house a few weeks ago, it was just the back and the front was no where to be found, clean cut no blood... After telling the story to a lady at work she said another half of a cat was at the park by the school and the kids were all taking pictures of it... also a bunch of crows have been found dead on the street and in the paseos by my house... we thought it was someone doing it but then on am 640 kfi tonight I heard them talking about these mysterious half cats popping up all over the country... wish I would have taken a picture it was definetly very creepy I wish I knew more ...

this was in Santa Clarita, CA