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Hairy Armpits

Created by Helenw1301. Last Edited by qadiro. Tagged as: Other
Hairy Armpits
Hairy Armpits Hairy Armpits Hairy Armpits Hairy Armpits Hairy Armpits

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Why do some mainland Europeans have a thing about women not shaving their armpits? It's disgusting

Well that depends... I can like them! - Nick ;)

Either way, it's the girl's choice!- Saphirasakurasuicune


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Nick_raccoon posted over 7 years ago

To answer your question: because hairy armpits are natural. Not every woman might want to shave her armpits. I once had a girlfriend who was allergic to that, so she never shaved them. Not a problem at all, I found it very sexy.

I am not obsessed with hairy armpits, but if a woman likes to have them the natural way, I don't see it as disgusting. I just see it as natural. ;)

dumbbrunette posted over 7 years ago

wow, your more accepting then most guys Nick, but I think its a little weird :/

Boomstam posted over 7 years ago

what does this have to do with the european mainland? i never saw a girl with hairy armpits

Nick_raccoon posted over 7 years ago

Boomstam is right:  it is not a typical European feature. I would rather say it's a typical male stereotype.. I mean, most males think women should shave most of their bodies and somehow  'force' women to suit their standards. And I find this stupid.

Dumbbrunette: I just like women as they are. Just like you, girls, would not force us guys to shave our legs, arms, chests or whatever, I feel the same way towards women. Let's be natural.

p.s. don't you agree Julia Roberts is gorgeous anyway with her hairy armpits in the pic I added?


dumbbrunette posted over 7 years ago

In a America its a stereotype (a bad one I may add) that european women dont shave, especially french women. I dont knoow where it came from but supposedly its a well known fact over here haha :P

True I wouldn't force a guy to shave but thats the natural sereotype for guys, to be hairy, and the natural stereotype for women is to be clean shaven.

Nick_raccoon posted over 7 years ago

That's it, I hate stereotypes... that must be the reason why I like hairy women just the same.

p.s. and why are stereotypes always in favour of men? did you ever wonder?


dumbbrunette posted over 7 years ago

Because men are sexist pig! haha im just joking, probably because they have been in charge of the power for the majority of time

Nick_raccoon posted over 7 years ago

Very smart, Dumbbrunette - not dumb at all ;)

Well do you think Nick is a sexist pig too?? :(

dumbbrunette posted over 7 years ago

no no Nick you are nothing of the sort :)

Nick_raccoon posted over 7 years ago



dumbbrunette posted over 7 years ago

haha hope you like guys like the cartoon i added ;)

Nick_raccoon posted over 7 years ago

Yeah it's funny...;)

But really... how can some people define hairy armpits in a woman 'disgusting'??

It's a natural thing, you cannot ignore we are all like that naturally...........

dumbbrunette posted over 7 years ago

What about naturally hair legs?

But theres other stuff that everybody does to fix the natural, like braces for straighter teeth. Yes the crooked ones were natural so people shouldn't have them straightened?

Nick_raccoon posted over 7 years ago

I have nothing against crooked teeth either, lol.... all I have to say is that there are no rules for me in general, and if you like someone for what they are, you should not care too much about details.


dumbbrunette posted over 7 years ago

That is a damn good answer Nick :)

Nick_raccoon posted over 7 years ago



dumbbrunette posted over 7 years ago

o my gosh Nick, I work at a clothing store and when I was helping a customer today  noticed she had unshaved armpits. I was a little creeped out at first but then just accepted it, you probably dont care but I figured I'd tell you anyways

Nick_raccoon posted over 7 years ago

Well, good to see that at least my argument helped a little bit accept the differences…;)

carlvis1 posted over 7 years ago

I've always like it. I think it's sexy. I also like hair in another place too.

Saphirasakurasuicune posted over 6 years ago

I know, why do only girls have to shave their armpits? It's unnatural because boys don't have to. American's women are the only women in the world that shave their armpits. So, we're actually the weird ones sticking out from the crowd. People in Europe are following the example of primitivity.  

lostsole posted over 6 years ago

Shaving under arms or legs or any were is up the parson! No one has the right to tell some one to shave or treet them any different if they chose not to! Thank you all for understanding us girls!

cpl4545 posted over 6 years ago

hi we're new here,but i love the look of stubble or hair in that spot

but my dee has some hair too,and she gets some looks when she raises her arms

if you like to see her just ask!

armpit lovr
armpit lovr posted over 6 years ago

hair is sexy and natural wtf is wrong with people??? why do girls shave? is it because of othergirls is it for men? does it smell then men smell it is a joke t demean women stand up for yourselves don’t shave

havana88 posted over 6 years ago

they might be natural but eewwwwwwwwwww

Lugu posted over 6 years ago

i love women with hair in their armpits. i mean hairy not scary! well i'm a man. it generates a good sensual sensation feeling actually. if i can say, it is stimulating men's sexual appeal. only men know. so..women, don't shave your armpits hair. if your boyfriends say the opposite way, I suggest you ask them damn well again.

daveybaby101 posted over 6 years ago

im very turned on when i see a woman like this,very sexy in my eye's !!!

qadiro posted over 6 years ago

i like your hairy armpits and it attractes me sexy and wat ever would u add me

FlyingDeathMonkey posted over 5 years ago

I have absolutely nothing against it if a girl doesnt shave her armpits or legs or ANYWHERE. I personally shave my armpits because I dont like how it feels. If the feeling didnt bug me, I wouldn't. Stereotypes can be so annoying! If WE have to shave almost every parts of our bodies, then men have to too!!

bederest posted over 5 years ago

I don't know where this "Hairless" crap came from, but as far as I am concerned -- It can go away forever. 

   My girlfriend shaved her pussy, (without warning me)  and I stopped having sex with her.  I told her I felt like a pedephile screwing a woman without hair on her love nest.  I also quit making love to her until it grew it back.  She let it grow back without hesitation. 

   Be natural.  I don't like hairless pussy or bolt-on tits.  I realize I am a dying breed, but I will stick with  my old fashioned fetish.

   When a woman shows a lot of interest in me, and we engage in personal conversation, I will ask, "Do you shave?"  Most say yes, and I explain my feelings.  Most had  stopped shaving while I dated them, and some were happy to meet someone who felt as I do, because as most said: "Shaving became a 'chore' that they didn't like, anyhow."




   Now we have men shaving their underarms, legs and having their chest hair "waxed!"  Where is John Wayne and Clint Eastwood when you need a role modle, little boys?


It seems like "real men" have gone the same way as "real women!"

Hairworshipper posted over 5 years ago

I believe that ladies with hairy armpits are goddesses! Please, please, please do not shave them. The greatest erotic film ever made (Tinto Brass' "The Key") featured Stephania Sandrelli unshaven in this form. Please ladies stay as you are, you are beautiful and I would be proud to have and and be seen with girlfriend who did not shave her armpits! And if any woman out there feels this way and answers to the name Anna (my favourite!) please could she contact me!

ruffyy posted over 5 years ago

Only the nose knows!!! I couldn't wait to stick my nose in some of that muff!!!

Dante 02
Dante 02 posted over 4 years ago


joelike pits
joelike pits posted over 3 years ago

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