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Grimace Grimace Grimace Grimace

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Grimace is a character in the marketing campaign by the McDonald's restaurant chain. Large and purple with short arms and legs, he is known for his monotonous face and slow-witted demeanor. His most common expression is the word "duh".

In the first campaign of McDonaldland commercials beginning in 1971, Grimace was the "Evil Grimace", with two pairs of arms with which to steal milkshakes. After that first campaign, the character was revised to be one of the "good guys", and his number of arms was reduced by two. Today, Grimace is generally portrayed in McDonald's commercials and merchandise as a well-meaning simpleton, whose clumsy antics provide a comic foil to Ronald McDonald.

Since the character's introduction, there has been much speculation regarding his appearance. The majority of McDonald's characters more or less directly represent a food product sold at the restaurants (e.g., Mayor McCheese, The Fry Guys, McNugget Buddies, etc.). Although his food group is ambiguous, he is most often associated with milkshakes, and could be likened to a shake with anthropomorphic qualities. Grimace's "official" role, according to McDonald's, continues to be representative of the chain's milkshakes.


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MastaKink posted over 7 years ago


LongLiveRock posted over 7 years ago

Nothing can kill the Grimace!

Violence posted over 4 years ago

Grimace was my favorite of all the McDonalds characters. Birdie was wack and the Hamburgular was a dick.