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Great Minds Discuss Ideas; Average Minds Discuss Events; Small Minds Discuss People.

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Great Minds Discuss Ideas; Average Minds Discuss Events; Small Minds Discuss People.
Great Minds Discuss Ideas; Average Minds Discuss Events; Small Minds Discuss People. Great Minds Discuss Ideas; Average Minds Discuss Events; Small Minds Discuss People.

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“Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.” -Eleanor Roosevelt


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dumbbrunette posted over 7 years ago

ok so wat kind of mind do i hve if i discuss all of these things??

Pudfker posted over 7 years ago

I love the idea of discussing people in events.

Melissa posted over 7 years ago

I discuss all three? So balanced out I guess I have an average mind.

gbman posted over 7 years ago

I discuss all three also, I think anyone in this situation has an average-great mind. I like that idea!!

Elizabethann posted over 7 years ago

I <3 this quote.

Only thing is when you start to talk about ideas, people start to question if your sane.

blakdogserenade posted over 7 years ago

this is true


hotpinkplaydough posted over 7 years ago
not unless u talk about ideas with ur friends or people that wanna listen. then they think ur so smart to wanna talk about important thingsCool
humbleannie posted over 7 years ago

One of my favorites during my time in highschool. I always thought people shouldn't talk so much trash about people, nothing good ever comes out of it-just have your fun making fun of others and then that's when you realize you need to get a life.

TheoGen posted over 6 years ago

The only things which ever really captivate me are ideas. Does that make my mind great? It certainly makes me (I'm being kind to myself here) interesting.

Iynx posted over 6 years ago

This is a stupid quote because it makes one feel that the speaker believes herself to have a great mind (the right to actually catergorise others) whilst at the same time judging the mental capacity of others and therefore making herself small minded by her own definition.

Manug80 posted over 5 years ago

This is the greatest quote ever. How much truth in it! It is dedicated to people who judge others for sport.

arunp posted over 5 years ago
Ideas make the world. It really does not pay you if you make judging the people a priority. Synergizing your relationships by maximizing the good qualities of a person is the best bet. You really can't change people ....can you? Smile
Charlyhorse posted over 5 years ago

I agree, mostly everyone does all of the above, and “lynx” makes a good point of what the speaker is saying… But who’s to say minds are always in their optimal or minimal state. State of mind can change everything. Therefore I still concur with the quote in all it’s aspects! :)

Shugi. posted over 5 years ago

I love this quote!! It is so true!

Abe213011 posted over 5 years ago

this about dinguist people in intelectual quality…..but people may change….

[Danni] posted over 5 years ago

I love this quote!! I use it all the time :D

jovel posted over 5 years ago

somewhat true…I guess..

reda2casa posted over 4 years ago

so true...

We obvisiouly do the 3, as humain,  but it's what we do the most which make difference.

Midget posted over 4 years ago
it's great and it's true, but who are we who'd call ourselves great-minded to talk about people, then? i think it gives at least one minus-point, so now we're average-minded.the true great minded ones change the world; we sit here and write/vote for the best anything . . was just thinking.
TanhK posted over 4 years ago

For those that think of all things you are all minds each at a time. When you gossip, you are the worst of them, as the quote indicates. Instead of focussing on how your life can improve you are idly focussing on other's lives. To your own detriment, I must add. As you ponder ideas, you have the force to conjure, improve and innovate the future. Simple enough! Good quote, one of my favs.


Oh and Lynx, why are you judging Eleanor Roosevelt merely by a singular 3rd party quote?

st3fan posted over 4 years ago

Great quote :)

“Quote lynx” – “This is a stupid quote because it makes one feel that the speaker believes herself to have a great mind” – She was talking about her husband :)

sStar posted over 4 years ago

awesome quote :)

Antlaclad posted over 3 years ago

I believe this to be one of the defining features that determine ones self from the Other. People use these equations to rank themselves amongst other individuals, much like Nurius’ theory of what decides one to be an individual. Methods like this segregate people intellectually. If this idea is taken to heart there is a true risk of Sartre’s interoperation of the Other becoming many peoples reality. This is one more reason that will lead people to believe there is a great divide that runs through us. Even if elements of this statement ring true in our society people who believe themselves better then others will become distant. For I do not believe this is always how people want to converse. Bringing it back round to Lévinas concept that the Other has a huge effect on self, people will say what they think others want to hear and not always talk about what they wish. In my opinion people would enjoy talking of ideas far more but people care far to much of how they’re perceived by others so they take the easy going common cues for conversation.

does anyone know the true origin of the quote?

iCas posted over 2 years ago

small minds are probably the people who loves to gossip.. they're the ones who are not happy with their lives, loves to dicuss the lives of others..


LastBlade posted over 2 years ago

i beleive the intent is what dominates your conversations, it is almost  no brainer that we all discuss all of the above at one time or other. what do you discuss most, that would go more toward defining if you so chose.

Lawrie posted about 1 year ago

This quote sounds good, however, upon analysis it is not true. Breaking it down to the most important aspect of the quote, which is what great minds do… the rhetorical question here is: who cares about the rest of the quote? First of all, let’s define what an idea is. For example: if people are discussing ideas of killing children, I would say they are sick minded. So, discussing ideas does not make a great mind. The quote would be better said to mean what everyone who has commented here seems to assume it means if it read like this:’Great minds discuss ideas that contribute to the betterment of humanity.’ So, to sum up, Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote has no context to determine the validity of those twelve words and three punctuation marks.

dentro posted 11 months ago

In my op ion is that Eleanor Roosevelt was a educated woman that was influenced by a feminist, and having a problematic marriage with a controlling mother in law.

In that period of time wives of the society had tea-party and all they did, was gossips.( my cousins are high society on their mother side and till today there is no intelligent conversation in our get together s, there's only talking about other people)

And educated persons don't like gossip, they like to talk about ideas and in that time a woman with ideas was a dangerous persons. In her public live she held speeches and campaign for her husband.

She was a controversial for her outspokenness, held press conference and on occasions disagree with her husband policies.

As you can see in her public and political life, she met people who where interesting, had ideas and most of the time talk about events and not gossips.