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God Module

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God Module
God Module God Module

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After 4 full length CD’s, 3 EP’s and hundreds of live performances around the world, God Module is still evolving into the monster it was meant to be. God Mod founder and mastermind Jasyn Bangert has brought his childhood dreams to life as musical nightmares. Aided by current God Mod members Clint Carney (system syn, Imperative Reaction) and Courtney Bangert, God Module take all the common electro - gothic - Industrial cliches and systematically tear them apart. Melded with their own musical DNA, they are stitched back together again to create a constantly mutating soundtrack to the most fucked up horror film you will never see.

Early 2011 will see the release of the new God Module CD “RITUALS”, the follow up to the recent EP ” The Magic In My Heart IS Dead”.

“God Module combines elements of harsh Techno, Darkwave, Goth and Industrial. Pounding beats mix with hypnotic synth hooks, deranged film samples and psychotically-effected vocals to make up a sound that is as spooky as it is danceable.” 

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