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Giordano (Chinese: 佐丹奴; SEHK: 0709) is a Hong Kong retailer of affordable casual wear for men, women and children. Founded in 1981 by Jimmy Lai (who no longer owns the company), it has 8,000 employees in 1500 stores operating in 31 countries worldwide.

Its current chairman and CEO since 1996 is Peter Lau, a Canadian Chinese. Giordano is based in Bermuda (with principal operations in Hong Kong) and trades on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange as 709.HK.

Giordano specializes in merchandising economic quality clothes ranging from T-Shirts, Long Sleeve Shirts and denim jeans. Giordano is well known for being the pioneer in customer service in Asia apparel retailing.

Giordano Ladies, a sub-brand established in 1996, has been instrumental to upgrading the unisex brand from a budget image to a more fashion oriented apparel retailer similar to The Gap.


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Shariq posted over 2 years ago

i love to wear giordano stuff :)