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German Girls

Created by Szegey. Last Edited by Szegey. Tagged as: People, Places
German Girls
German Girls German Girls German Girls German Girls German Girls

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janghwa posted over 8 years ago


sophiacador posted over 8 years ago


Kuhkatze posted over 8 years ago

Yeah, all men in the world are fallen in love with Katrin Bauerfeind. But who are the other two ladies? New girl friends from Franz Beckenbauer oder Lothar Matthäus?

guru posted over 7 years ago

Oh yeah! Heidi Klum is so smoking hot!

kinzis posted over 7 years ago

aha..just Haeidi Klum and Claudia Schiffer but others no….

XLolaBabyX posted over 7 years ago

LMAO @ the new category, since when are German women hairy? I’m sorry, but I’m German and I’m not hairy. That’s the funniest thing Ive ever heard.

BeautifulXLie posted over 7 years ago

Yeah I don’t know of any hairy Germans either.

megbarbiee posted over 7 years ago

eww im DEF not hairy and know of no hairy germans…maybeee the person was thinking of greeks? eh eh.. but def not germans.

Luschi6 posted over 7 years ago

Hey…look at melol

yeahright posted over 7 years ago

when they are saying hairy germans they are talking about their bushes, armpits and hairy legs. hell yeah i have seen many hairy german legs,arm pits,and hairy pussies.specialy the ones who call themself know for sure they dont shave and they dont own a raser.and maybe french women  belong to that categorie as well

Party!At.The.Funeral posted over 7 years ago

Alot of my friends are German, but I really don't understand why you just HAVE to put one explicit picture up for each "insert country here Girls" Category.

Tomas Borgers
Tomas Borgers posted over 7 years ago

German girls are indeed the best. They are clean, to the point, and when romanced correctly, they can be really hot. Contrary to popular stereotype, German girls are not hairy, unlike some of their neighbors to the south. Dutch, Czech, and Danish girls come in a close second.

hot 4 germans
hot 4 germans posted over 6 years ago

this is on the hairy german comment, maybe you've seen alot of german MEN, not judging, just saying.

also, german women are very hot, i love their accents, i sit next to one in my chemistry class, and when she talks, i just sorta... i dont know what i do, all i know is i enjoy listening.

SomeNick posted over 5 years ago

German women are nothing. Russian women are the best!

JayGatsby posted over 5 years ago

German girls are great, with beautiful figures, bone structure and breasts, and have wonderful characters too. And they do have a little underarm hair and wonderful natural bushes, as nature intended, and thats even better too. I get so sick of pubic baldness.  So, find a German girl, get some real loving and learn what you have been missing guys, Alles Klar?

plentyof posted over 5 years ago

German women??? Yuck, they have too much hair on their bodies, and their body odors are way too strong. That is true for most European origins, though.

JKendaklutz posted over 4 years ago
Well I was watching "Goldeneye" aka James Bond; was distracted so  decided to google German girls and came uo with this. HMMM  "Lizzy Ross" Ok that's cool now i have a new artist to listen to lol.CoolKissMoney mouth
reckless123 posted over 4 years ago

German girls are the greatest of look and then it sets u off for somethin hot. For those who are unhappy about this, this is the truth and u can do nothin about it. 

P.S.-I used 'unhappy', not 'dont agree' because its the truth and using dont 'dont agree' sounds inappropriate and it is so.




Runaway Blues
Runaway Blues posted over 2 years ago

Wtf who added pic num 5? Crazy.