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Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini

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GEMINI The Twins (the best of them all)

 libra's and aquarius best friend

May 21 – June 22 

geminis are the best social sign...and well the best sign in genral.



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Pilsbury4 _Lenna_ Shiro Emiya KaKa13 bellchells Bubbles93 GemGirlie [[Rawrr]] jon-e boy mcfly invent KatsyKarma madameobscure Hinata13 bestbestworstworst MissYagami dom1999 CutenessOverdose Jana SadToasterofGlass mblue23 euge146 olivabogyo Dacence93 trevor Livieri coj ms.mo0n BubbleGumRage Charunetra Yuna_YooNa NICKY.NH dengakum aishiteruchiikun Far-Hana Bastetiko i.luhv.yhu! Shugi. Destoriot reyhaneh kiwi_pie waitor9204 KateOlsen Tara*Starr lilithneko


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invent posted over 8 years ago

:) part of me agrees, part of me disagrees :) Its a ying yang thing :)

Nettie posted over 7 years ago

I’m a Gemini. WE RAWK !

Aisie posted over 7 years ago

no doubt about it gemini’s are the BEST

lu998 posted over 7 years ago

OMG! I cant get along with a gemini.!

I guess our zodiac signs are way to different. Values and morals too different.

stacey choo
stacey choo posted over 7 years ago

I gemini too !!!


yhii posted over 7 years ago
we can be evil or good little angels!
that's me right there xD 
[[Rawrr]] posted over 7 years ago

hahha im proud to be a gemini. but i wonder, considering it's the twin sign: what if you dont have a twin? does that mean that your split?? lol

bestbestworstworst posted over 7 years ago

im a gemini and superrr proud

but im not guna lie most of us are assholes

awesome ones :) 

KaKa13 posted over 6 years ago

im a aquarius & love yall so much Smile

black boy
black boy posted over 6 years ago

I am GeminiCool

I  constanly , conceptualize, analyze, fantasize, verbalize all that lies within anyone, anything and everything

My mind is like the sun's rays, it shines on you and all over me.

Gemini pace is not your pace. He/She is out of the blocks as slow as a pendulum then gradually  pick up speed devouring every thing in its path.

I am the air thats everywhere.

Passionate, intellectual, romantic, physical, creative and innovative  ... is gemini ....I and I is Gemini

jon-e boy
jon-e boy posted over 6 years ago

ight leme   say it like this........................   geminis best libras second best ,  fuck a  libra most of the time doe    they snitch, they bitch.........   well yeh gemini  is unexplanable  our minds r to powerfull

we know wat pple r thinking we know wats gona happen   but at the same time we can be the  most foolish  pple  who dont do nothing right inconfident    =[    but yeh lifes a bitch on a gemini   my   advice is   burn  sum  treez  open ur mind nd b like tupac  heheh  well yeh  dats dat shit im gemini nd   dats  the reel truth right  dere  i might sound foolish right now cuz i aint had my mind right in a while   ......  but check dis long ass comment out nd tell me ....... am i not the shit?Wink

Yuna_YooNa posted over 6 years ago

i'm Gemini sign too.. i'm proud to be germini!! break a leg Gemini's!!

kuttie posted over 6 years ago

yep.. me too. proud to be one. hope my goals are set

Matt93 posted over 6 years ago

im a gemini and superrr proud

but im not guna lie most of us are assholes

awesome ones :) 

i'm Gemini and this is totally true. geminis rule.

DannyJ posted over 6 years ago

geminis are narcissists half the time. Libras Rule

Adokad posted over 6 years ago

IM a gemini too and i love it !!! : ) i am the best gemini though !!!! hahahahahahahaha

drew rob
drew rob posted over 5 years ago

Only a Gemini would go to google and type in " Gemini's are the best sign"

 I guess it's because were so vain, but really ...So u guys understand because I'm a gemini sun , libra moon, and ascendant of aries .....That basically means i'm a fiesty gemini with a temper that loves sex....LOL anyway

Gemini's - We are Mutual Air !! ..Think about that ..MUTUAL AIR !! SOUNDS CRAZY ..

Well basically it means we have the ability to morph into other signs. If you piss us off, we can be crazier then the greatest fire sign in Aries or Leo and even scare them were that crazy...If were in a good mood we can laugh with the best of them in Libra and Aquarius...Water signs we find weird in Cancer and Scorpio. Earth signs we get along with and make friends.

Best love signs for us ...Leo (ive been with for 4 years always fighting but great makeup sex) ..Libra ( A gemini and a libra wouldn't make it out of the bedroom and would laugh themselves to death) and Aquarius - ( tough for me as bubbly as they are i find them sneaky so i dont trust them)

fishinabowl posted over 5 years ago

I'm a gemini. :) I'm a gemini sun sign, leo moon sign and leo ascendant, which makes me a very big kid…I like it. :)

kyrakaos posted over 5 years ago
Gemini is often referred to as a "chameleon" and one of the most interesting signs in the zodiac. They tend to adapt to the ever changing personalities that surround them. If the Gemini wanted and allowed, they would be able to get along with all signs of the zodiac. They adapt because they are social beings...looking for their one perfect soul mate to be with forever in their heart and to make them whole. The other half of the Gemini, I believe, is their soul mate. Without them, they are lost and will always long for true love. They love to please everyone that surrounds them. I also believe that many people underestimate the Gemini. They tend to believe that they are superficial. A Gemini will often turn away from what they do not want to see. They know its there but choose not to acknowledge it. They are one of the most intellectual signs. They just love the light side of life. They live with the carefree, live life to the fullest attitude. They don’t want to be “tied down” with the mundane life that most live and all of the worries and problems people face today. They are also referred to as a free bird that can not be caged. They need to spread their wings and explore the unknown. They long for knowledge, a soul mate, love, laughter, playmates, etc. They want to experience everything in life. That might be the reason why Gemini’s are known as a “Jack of all trades, Master of none”. They just don’t have time to learn everything there is to learn about one particular subject. They want to explore more options and live more. They want to LIVE LIFE! I think Gemini’s are awesome people…and the most misunderstood and misrepresented sign out there. You Rock Gems! :D

Also reference the story about Castor and Pollex.

kyrakaos posted over 5 years ago

Gemini’s are humanitarians. They are the first human sign to be represented in the zodiac. "Brotherly Love"

They tend to care, love and feel very deeply for others. They might even go as far as knowingly bring in pain and hardship into their lives to actually feel the hurt their loved ones feel so that they can be one with them…as a twin of the Gemini…and feel what they feel. They adapt to the situation they are put in, feel what others feel and become that person…feelings and all.  

However, a Gemini might be considered as flighty as well. If they can’t take this pain in their lives or the person who is confiding in them is not considered by the Gemini as a “loved one”, they might be a little flighty and knowingly superficial in order to protect themselves from hurt from the feelings of hardship that they will bring into their life if they decide to listen, empathize and care full heartedly.  They also might be flighty due to the fact that they do not want to be the cause for hurt in others lives either. Therefore, they will just “fly away” if things get too tough or if they come to the conclusion that the person they are with is not “the One”.

Gem-In-I posted over 5 years ago
gemini's are the most advanced form of human.  we are the messengers of god and have unmatched people skills.  we posses the "gift of gab".  deep within us we also posses a tremendous gust of "evil" that can wipe out any and everything in its path, including ourselves.  we are quick/creative/wity, and smartest of all signs as the twins lust for new and exciting expieriences seems to never end.  we need to "feed the beast" with new info, as we constantly strive to learn about eveything.  sexually, we are intimate and deep lovers, and absolute masters of seduction...but most of all, we are natural born leaders!  stay up gemini's, and
chamillionaire posted over 5 years ago

gemini guys are SO CUTE

bellchells posted over 5 years ago

geminis RULEEE

Pilsbury4 posted over 5 years ago

June 10th!!!

Claudius76 posted over 5 years ago

Gemini with other Gemini is worse combination,i experience that 2 times and it work fine only for very short time than end up only in mind games,For Gemini Mens there best match will be Aquarius,I’m Gemini men and i still got friends from aquarius for longtime,Gemini women is worse of worse nightmares in my life,i will never date a Gemini women,as much attractive are,are very confuse womens,plain sluts,they enjoy have double life,if not triple life,however are exciting women’s if you really want to deal with Devil go for Gemini women and you gone write a book but you gone cry at the end,lol,GoodLuck,Go Gemini the most Paranoia and Insane sign,i got go check my insanity now…lol

I hate i'm Gemini
gemini madds
gemini madds posted over 5 years ago
im a gemini 2!!! my bdays may 30th. hbu guys?? Cool
reyhaneh posted over 4 years ago

Im a gemini

pjfan921 posted over 4 years ago

I am a Virgo guy, and Gemini is one of my worst matches.  But I have to admit, Gemini girls are so damn hot and sexy.  For some reason, all Geminis are extremely good looking.  Some of them are quite a bit arrogant tho, which in my opinion takes away from their attractiveness a bit. 

funlovegemini posted over 4 years ago

i’m a gemini toooo…..we’re d best….

akazukin_sita posted over 4 years ago

I’m a Gemini and I super duper love it. XD

akazukin_sita posted over 4 years ago

I’m a Gemini and I super duper love it. XD

i.luhv.yhu! posted over 3 years ago

june 9th, 1993…. ohh yeahh! gotta <3 being a gemini ^^

NICKY.NH posted over 3 years ago

iam gemini too and i love it….3 of june..:)

Criss-P posted about 1 year ago

Awesum is that thing that oozes out of our pores wen we active, doing the best thing only we know how….- if u catch ma drift….

Criss-P posted about 1 year ago

Awesome is only AWESO without “ME”...Awesome is that thing that oozes out of our pores wen we active, doing the best thing only we know how….- if u catch ma drift….

GemGirlie posted about 1 year ago

I don't think Gemini's are narcissist's.  I think some Libra's are just plain mean and sarcastic.  But just some, not all. Zac Efron's cool. ;)

GemGirlie posted about 1 year ago

Geminis and Virgos? Double yuck!  Virgos are such jerks.  Geminis don't mix with them AT ALL. They treat us like crap and backstab us for no reason.  I trust Virgos as far as I can toss them.