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Gay Men

Created by Kal-El. Last Edited by Kal-El. Tagged as: People
Gay Men
Gay Men Gay Men Gay Men Gay Men Gay Men Gay Men Gay Men Gay Men Gay Men Gay Men Gay Men Gay Men

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Gay men are the hottest in the world. The line-up: Pavel Novotny · Rafael Verga · AJ Hammer · Billy Bean · Anderson Cooper · Nick Beyeler · Reichen Lehmkuhl · Thomas Roberts (CNN) · Nate Berkus · Wentworth Miller · Chace Crawford · Henry Cavill


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XLolaBabyX posted over 7 years ago

Well gay men do take good care of themselves, but some straight men are good looking too.

Simonetta Cattaneo
Simonetta Cattaneo posted over 7 years ago

I agree with this category for one good reason- usually men in gay erotic movies are much sexier and more attractive than men in straight erotic movies!!

Kai posted over 7 years ago

That’s because men in straight erotic movies have to be ugly to make the guys that are actually sexually deprived enough to watch them believe they can in fact be ugly and still score a woman like Jenna Jameson.

XLolaBabyX posted over 7 years ago

Well have you seen Jenna Jameson recently? EW is all I can say!

XLolaBabyX posted over 7 years ago

Is Anderson Cooper really gay? All the men I find attractive turn out being gay….I must have bad luck.

Kai posted over 6 years ago

No way Jenna Jameson is fucking hot as! He's more than likely gay, he doesn't bother denying the gay rumors but he doesn't clarrify them either so he's probably avoiding making a statement either because of the publicity he gets from all the 'is he or isn't he?' talk or to avoid losing part of his fanbase. That's the way I see it anyhow.

!nês.. posted over 6 years ago

Is Wentworth Miller gay? :0

_Sarah_ posted over 6 years ago

I don´t know… I think not! <:/

garland posted over 5 years ago

i am one

Inuneko posted over 4 years ago

I want gay friends on rthis site!!!