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FRIO (band)

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FRIO (band)

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Their story begins in Zamboanga City.

What already started as a friendship among all eight members, their destiny as a band was still in its infancy. After trials and tribulations with different bands, the group of friends finally merged into one talent-laden band. Each of them realizing the potential of mixing all eight of their distinct sounds into one massive music collaboration.

But they weren't done yet. After playing numerous campus tours, small bars, radio performances and special functions, the band started to gain local notoriety. They started playing at regular gigs, winning city-wide band competitions, and booking front acts for popular artist. Realizing the potential for growth, the band decided to take a risk and leave the comfort zone of home and head to the city of Manila. In the big, busy and cut throat music industry of Manila, already teeming with a multitude of bands; it was a move that could prove to be detrimental to the band.

Believing in themselves, and in their talent, the band started to record original compositions in Cagayan de Oro City. Armed with their demo in hand, four thousand pesos in their pocket, and a lot of faith, the friends from Zamboanga knew that this would be a turning point for them.

After shopping their demo around to radio stations and recording labels around Metro Manila, their record found it's way to Alpha Music. A label that already houses top rated artist such as Sessionroad and Bayani Agbayani, and known to be a testing bed for new up and coming artists. The rest as they say is history. Or more appropriately, 'history in the making'.

Their first carrier single 'Alive' from their self-titled album has hit the radio waves and gaining popularity, their second single 'Could Have Been' has just been released, and the band has already shot two music videos. It has been less than a year since they have moved to Manila. It's safe to say that they're move from Zamboanga to Manila proved to be a good decision.

Vocalist and Band Manager Alain Echem on their recent success; "The people we meet, the people we perform with, the place we go to. We're really happy about it. It's overwhelming."

Frio has arrived.

Frio is comprised of Alain Echem (vocals), Christopher Sison (vocals), Sheila Taup (vocals), Archie Lim (lead guitar), Christian Quiambao (rhythm guitar), Tristan Climaco (keyboards), Raz Itum (bass) and Marvin Salazar (drums).


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