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Family Schurmann

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Family Schurmann
Family Schurmann Family Schurmann Family Schurmann Family Schurmann Family Schurmann Family Schurmann Family Schurmann Family Schurmann Family Schurmann Family Schurmann Family Schurmann

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The brazilian Schurmann family travelled around the world on a yatch and made a documentary about it.The documentary is called "The World Twice Around" and was directed by David Schurmann,a member of the family.The yacht name is Aysso.The documentary released on april 2007 received two awards until now.

The Schurmann were the first Brazilian family to sail twice around the world on a yacht.On their circumnavigations the Schurmanns sailed three oceans,visited 45 countries and 9 territories.According to the Brazilian Institute of Public Opinion and Statistics ,the average number of the Schurmann family shows on tv was 40 million people.

Life at high seas has taught many things to the Schürmann Family. Besides learning the importance of planning and discipline, they also came to understand why working as a team is so essential to overcome the obstacles and to achieve the target goals.As experienced sailors and entrepreneurs Vilfredo, Heloisa and David Schürmann give lectures and workshops to share two decades of constantly facing challenges and achieving results without ever losing the sense of humor and a positive attitude.Heloisa Schurmann,the mother,published a book.

The Schürmann Family believes that the secret to a happy life is to have dreams and to make these dreams come true.

Official Sites:

"In 1984 Vilfredo Heloisa and their children left their home, their work and school and set off from Florianópolis, the capital city of the State of Santa Catarina, in southern Brazil, to pursue their dream: circumnavigate the world on a sailboat. Their children, Pierre, David and Wilhelm, were 15, 10 and 7 years old, respectively. On this first adventure, the Schürmann Family spent 10 years at sea. They sailed around the world and came in contact with exotic peoples and amazing cultures. Their children grew up on board of the yacht. And the family had the privilege of sharing each and every moment of the greatest of the adventures: life.

In 1997 the Schürmann Family began their second great adventure Magellan Global Adventure. The goal was to retrace the route sailed by Ferdinand Magellan’s fleet, the first complete circumnavigation of the planet. For this adventure, apart from the parent only their son David Schurmann and Kat, their 5-year-old daughter whent along. Magellan Global Adventure was followed by more than 1, 5 million people, from 44 countries. Every month the adventure’s filmed reports, broadcasted Internationally, had an average of 40 million television viewers in Brazil and many more around the world.

After 30 months, the Schürmann’s yacht returned to Brazil. And they docked at the same day (April 22, 2000) when and in the same harbor where Brazil had been discovered 500 hundreds years before. It has been 20 years of adventure. With a lot of work, discipline and planning, the Schürmann Family made their dreams come true. Not only they are the first Brazilian family to circumnavigate the world, they are also the only Brazilians to have done it twice. But the Schürmann Family does not linger on the glory of the past. The soul and love for adventures bring new and more challenging dreams. The next adventure is due to start in 2008.

In Vilfredo’s definition, “the bond that keeps our family so united is that we were, are and will be dreamers. Forever.”

They have released 4 Best sellers in Brazil:

  • Em Busca do Sonho (2006)not yet translated
  • Momentos De uma Aventura (2001) not yet translated
  • Um Mundo de Aventuras (2002)not yet translated
  • 10 Anos No Mar (1995) "
  • (from wikipedia)

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