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F4 (Taiwanese Band)

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F4 (Taiwanese Band)
F4 (Taiwanese Band) F4 (Taiwanese Band) F4 (Taiwanese Band) F4 (Taiwanese Band) F4 (Taiwanese Band)

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F4 a very popular boyband from Taiwan. They became famous for playing the role of F4 in Taiwanese Live-Action TV version of the anime Hana Yori Dango entitled Meteor Garden.

F4, the band, got their name after playing the role of F4, a group of notorious boys from Yoko Kamio’s manga/anime Hana Yori Dango. Meteor Garden, a Taiwanese adaptation of the said anime/manga, made the four very famous when it hit the TV waves in 2001. Sony Taiwan took notice of this and launched them officially as a band.

To date, they have released two albums as a band. The four of them had been juggling a solo carreer both in TV, Film and Music but it is said that they are preparing their 3rd album


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ladymilano posted over 7 years ago

come on, fahrenheit is just a newcomer...

but F4 is legend!

sweet princess
sweet princess posted over 7 years ago

f4 it's cool

sadie_skylar posted over 7 years ago

i know they are not as popular (by popular,i mean being in the news everyday and doing all sorts of stuff together) as they were in the earlier days of their career, but they are the standard for which the modern asian boyband is measured after. even Fahrenheit,which is actually a good band, is patterned after them. and the fact that after not being together for a long time,they have been tapped to be tourism ambassadors (and actually doing well!) says a lot. The fact that they have stood the test of time ,and being successful individually and as a group, makes them the best for me.

lilomess posted over 7 years ago
*sigh* i used to go crazy for jerry but obsession with him has died down because of meteor garden 2 and white towel >:0
i hated him in there...because he is such a jerk!!!! but like so into dbsk now ^^
aznadvil posted over 7 years ago

once upon a time zai zai was my prince charming…:)

samsam9212 posted over 7 years ago

f4 will forever be my fav taiwanese band!!

they're so perfect! love them.. all 4 are good looking and sweet^^ 

Tenshiko1122 posted over 7 years ago
the best thing that ever happened after Liu Xing Hua Yuan...
Nieya-chan posted over 7 years ago


dats rite..

even i like bOth of them(fahrenheit & F4)..

i prefer F4..

n i lOve jerry..


aheira_ahxu posted over 7 years ago

nothing compares….

Ming Ling
Ming Ling posted over 7 years ago

i love Jerry and F4

nurulee posted over 6 years ago

luv u ken!! ur cuty

silly_decoy posted over 6 years ago

the BEST!!

n' i miss dem xo0o much!...^^v 

aldea posted over 6 years ago

where are you F4????

shitsuka matsumoto
shitsuka matsumoto posted over 6 years ago

maybe they're not as popular as fahrenhait nowadays..but i still love them more..

as what ladymalino said..f4 is legend..'n' a rolemodel to the new bands in taiwan..

for me..they are the best 'n' the first band i have my crush on..

miss them a lot!!

emo love
emo love posted over 6 years ago
love them so muchSmile
Cleo_Patra posted over 6 years ago


f4 loverzzzzzzz...

apu posted over 6 years ago

They have filled concerts with many people in foreign countries. They are the best. And specially for me, Van Ness is the best!

bluetopaz posted over 6 years ago

i dont get any latest updates with the f4! all i can say is that they are really cool! hope that they go to the philippines as a band! i'm dying to see them! I really loved the meteor garden! it's the best! it teach me a lot of lesson! And they can never be replaced.Just wanna say godbless with all of them!

Sugina posted over 5 years ago

I'm so agree with ladymilano <3

F4 is LEGEND! posted over 4 years ago

that's so cool that they became a band after doing a drama!!  i wish Boys Before Flowers (Korean version) F4 would become a band!