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Ex-boyfriend Ex-boyfriend

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They suck when the betray your trust, flirted with other girls while you were with them RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU, they don't listen, they are stubborn, they think that alcohol is the answer to everything.


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Bitchface posted over 7 years ago
I uploaded that picture of the guy, that is my ex..... he was verbally abusive and took me for granted and was a complete asshole.  His pride stood in the way of our relationship, as well as his alcoholism.... and I fucking hate that I still love him. 
Bitchface posted over 7 years ago

Glad the took his pic off, but all the same still an ex boyfriend.

Diane Marie
Diane Marie posted over 6 years ago

Loser ex-boyfriends make me realize how much I'm worth everytime I see them with girls waaaay less than my standards. :)))