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As a philosophy, Empiricism is theory of knowledge, that focusses entirely on the notion of experience. It is grounded in reality, with the understanding that knowledge is learned and gained through life and our experiences within it.

One of the earliest most-noted empiricists John Locke, argues that upon birth the human mind is a tabula rasa, a blank slate, or in his own words, white paper. With this as a foundation, all of the events and experiences in our life from that point forward are marked, leaving us,in this respect, with a greater knowledge towards our life and the environment around us.

This philosophy is at odds with the later Romanticism viewpoint which would counter-act this way of thinking, but Empiricism suggests that no idea or suggestion can be formed without the previous learning or knowledge, suggesting that the imagination of humanity is indeed limited to past events within their lifetimes.

It is rational, logical and dependent on reason.


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