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Embarrassing Last Names

Created by LongLiveRock. Last Edited by LongLiveRock. Tagged as: Humor
Embarrassing Last Names

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Kittilyn posted over 7 years ago

What if your last name means something embarrassing?  Like, Son-of-Chalk-Eater?

Bad example, but ...

Khorupt posted over 7 years ago

LOL. Wow…I think this might top my sisters friends last name. Kim Butt. But Wanker…yeah I think that's a winner.

uriceball posted over 7 years ago

Whose grave is that!

NimbleMarmoset posted over 7 years ago

A real Wanker's.

inyourpanorama posted over 7 years ago

I know a Butt. Last year there was also a Boner at my school.

kazzi posted over 6 years ago

im a Wee. but its good cos you can tell whose your friend and not.

AntiSocial posted over 6 years ago

I know this kid's last name is Hickey LOL. Mine is embarassing sometimes, people say "Odor", instead of Oda.

ElleJane posted over 6 years ago

Hahahahah...This kid in my brothers class has *Bong* for a last name....Haha It sounds funny to meeeeeeee...


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HelloCarm20 posted over 6 years ago

xD Wanker what a great last name!