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Dubbing Films

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Dubbing Films

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a phenomenon particularly annoying in the non-English speaking countries!


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lackadaisy posted over 7 years ago
g999b posted over 7 years ago

Well… not only in the non-English speaking country! ...Ah sorry I forgot: you don’t watch non-English speaking movies in the US ;-)

Lilybert posted over 7 years ago

I live in Italy, where ALL foreign films are dubbed – and they're 90% of the whole. Thank God for dvds which let you enjoy the actors' real voices and acting…

miumiu posted over 7 years ago
i do not understand dubbing (in finland, only childrens' shows are dubbed) but it is still a lesser evil compared to remaking the films as they seem to do in the u.s. ! i am forever bitter for what they did to the tv series queer as folk :| we've had both versions on finnish tv, and i much liked the original u.k. version. why it had to be remade, i cannot really understand.