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Oxygen deficiency which is experienced while submerged in a liquid


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RogueFork posted over 7 years ago

Drowning leaves the body bloated and pretty weird looking. Not the prettiest death. Sleeping pills might be a better way to go. =D

MkRPrrn posted over 6 years ago

Drowning is the best but you need a counter weight to keep you below the water. Also, MAKE SURE you jump in a deep area because you'll naturally try to swim to the surface for air so if you're 5' and you jump in 4' of water…well that's pretty stupid since all you need to do is stand up. And trust me, you'll naturally try to stand because you KNOW that you're 5' tall in 4' of water. So…you need the weight because after you pass out from lack of air your body will naturally try to breath and wake you up. If you end up floating to the surface and are face up when you're body tries to breath again…yep, you'll be alive!....well maybe not but there's a good chance you will be. You'll caugh the water out of your lungs (or try to) and most likely be alright. You need the counter weight to keep you below the surface. It won't hurt. You'll struggle for air then pass out and when your body tries to breath again…no air so you die. If you want people to find you AFTER you die then I suggest you leave a note somewhere were they'll find it.

MkRPrrn posted over 6 years ago

I would like to add this....

Some of you will be pissed at me for saying what I'm about to say but I don't care. I've done some searching regarding the best way to die and always found the same stupid answer. ....."oh don't do it"......"it's not worth it"......"suicide is not the answer".... etc. Well you know what? Until you end up in our shoes, keep your mouth shut. I've tried a few things and most did not hurt like so many people said as well as (obviously) nothing I tried worked. Sleeping pills are crap as is every other thing I found regarding suicide. So cut all the crap and tell people what they really want to know....THE TRUTH! Lying to us simply makes us search deeper until we do find the answer. Those who (subconsciously want to live) will read everything and anything until they read enough stuff to NOT do it. HOWEVER, the ones (like me) will continue to search and try different things until we do die. So to those, here are a few things...

Those of you who doubt...what I am about to type is the truth...I really did these things. Just because you might know someone who tried one of these things and succeeded doesn't mean I'm full of crap...body weight and health has a huge role in it as is quantity and length of time.

 I'm in my 30's, about 5'11", weigh about 225lbs and I have diabetes. I think I may be bipolar though I've never been tested for it since but I show signs of having it. So now that you know this, here's what I tried so far. Yes... I say so far because I will most certainly continue trying until I succeed. Finally...No I will NOT use an innocent person to commit suicide and by this I mean driving my vehicle into and oncoming vehicle or anything of the sort just to kill myself. I'm depressed but there most certainly is no need to bring an innocent victim into my misery.

 #1 - PILLS  do not work! They simply cause you to pass out (sleep if you will) and your body will naturally vomit all the crap out of your system. I know because I tried it. And NO I DID NOT take just a few pills. I bought two boxes of extra strength sleeping pills and swallowed BOTH boxes.  That’s 40 pills. Ok unfortunately I threw the box out so I don’t have the exact amount but they’re Sleep-eze extra strength gel caps (20 per box) You might know of a different brand but this one doesn’t work. I ended up sleeping for three freakin days and woke up in a puddle of my own puke. Not very nice and incredibly messy.

#2 – HANGING hurts like heck. You have to be a certain height according to your weight so that when you jump (or walk) off the plat form, you’ll snap your neck and die pretty much right away. I didn’t try this one…too chicken but I do know it hurts a lot if you don’t snap your neck.

#3 – CUTTING yourself also hurts like heck. PLUS you have to cut a big blood vessel. Like the one in your leg or in your neck. Any other blood vessels pretty much clot up and stop bleeding. So unless you can cut your blood vessel LENGTHWISE in your arm and suck up the pain, forget it. I didn’t try this one either….yup, too chicken and yes I do know it hurts and I also know that warm water (the hotter the better, but you don’t need to boil yourself) makes your skin easier to cut.

#4 – EXAUST doesn’t work either. All new vehicles emit low Carbon Monoxide fumes so you’ll end up suffocating from lack of Oxygen before CO does you in. Yup I connected a hose to my exhaust (muffler to those who don’t know what an exhaust is) and the other end was in my car via the window (which was opened big enough to let the hose in and the hose was only 1½ “). I was in my car for over an hour and nothing happened. Well… I had a hard time breathing due to the lack of Oxygen. I get bored really quick so I gave up and got out of my car.

#5 – CARBON MONOXIDE doesn’t work very well either. You absolutely need the right conditions for it to work. So this way is too complicated. I bought a little camping heater as well as a camping stove. I used the camping heater in my Jeep (Yes I sold my car and bought a Jeep Liberty). I spent the night in my Jeep in -24°C (-11.2°F) with the camping heater going. I had to crack the window due to lack of Oxygen because I found it too hard to try and breath. Obviously I didn’t have the right conditions because there’s plenty of write ups about campers (people camping, not the camping trailers etc.) dying due to Carbon Monoxide poisoning caused by camping heaters. So I tried it again in my bathroom but this time I used my camping stove because the stove emits more CO than the heater does. I completely sealed my bathroom except for a little wee spot just a tad higher than my heater so I could get just enough air to supply the heater. I had the heater on the floor. I sealed the air vent, the door (except that spot to supply air to my heater). My heater is 5.5” high so I didn’t seal a spot 6” from the bottom of the door for air supply to my heater. **Hold an empty soup can (don’t cut the bottom of the can) about ¼ inches from the table over a tea light candle and you’ll know why I left an area slightly higher than the height of my heater.** Anyways…I also sealed the bathroom fan and any other place where air can escape or enter. That didn’t work either but I think I just didn’t wait long enough. It did get incredibly hot in the bathroom though. So now I’m trying #6.

#6 – POISON works if you can deal with the incredible pain. And you can’t just use any kind of poison because some really really hurt like heck. Currently I’m using Anti-Freeze. I have a problem though. The only kind I could find was diluted anti-freeze. (50/50) So this obviously means I have to drink double what it would normally take to do the trick. In my research I found that 250ml can be enough to kill someone (or so they say). So technically I should only need to drink 500ml (17oz) because mine is diluted already. I have a 700ml (24oz) glass. I pour about 200ml (7 oz) of anti-freeze and mix it with juice. Strawberry juice to be exact. It taste incredibly good but in my research I found that it’ll hurt like heck. I guess I’ll find out soon enough… I also drank it with Pepsi and was it ever tasty. I couldn’t even taste the anti-freeze though I think it was just because it was diluted at the factory. Anyhow, if this doesn’t work I’m trying drowning next. In my research about anti-freeze, I found that it’s a sure way to end it (again, this is what they say). However I also found that they say some people drink it as a substitute to alcohol. So I think to myself that if they drink the anti-freeze it can’t be all that bad. I guess I‘ll find out but the more I think about it, the more I think I’ll end up drowning. Especially since I’m on my 4th glass now and all I feel is the “drunken” effect they all said I would feel. Though in my research, they did say that there are more severe symptoms to come.

#7 – DROWNING is the way to go. Seems to me it would be incredibly peaceful and very easy to do. If #6 doesn’t work I’m trying this next. Here’s what I think…. Get a heavy counter weight. Something heavy enough to keep you on the bottom of whatever body of water you chose to jump in. You need this counter weight because your body may or may not naturally float to the top (I don’t know for a fact so to be safe, get the weight). Also if your body DOES float to the surface, FACE UP, it will automatically try to breath on its own. Being at the surface, there’s air. SO….with the counter weight you are held down below the surface of the water thus when your body tries to automatically breath, nothing…no air to breath so you are gone. You must also make sure you are deep in the water. This means that if you’re 5 feet tall and you jump in 4 feet of water, it may not work. Subconsciously your body knows how tall you are. So jumping in shallow water and knowing your height, your body will naturally stand you up thus you are above the water level and you can breathe. As a counter weight you can use anything heavy enough to keep you under water…. A cement block will work but if you can carry it, two would work better

Sorry, the anti-freexe seems to be kicking in. O should go lay down now. I hope nobody deleytes this poist. I onlu typed thsio so everty body know the truth.. I’m fighting to type properly but it’s noyt working veryt well. I’;m weariung out my deleyte button. Sorry everyone…hope every one can read all of this. Good byy  If this does work, I will lket you know ytomrrow… or when I wake uop. I’ll see what happens first,


MkRPrrn posted over 6 years ago

I let know you

alinabear posted over 5 years ago

Hmmm…interesting for sure.

CutenessOverdose posted over 5 years ago

Are You Trying To Teach Someone How To Kill Themselves?! o.O

I Almost Died Like That...!! XD

PurpleLadybug posted over 2 years ago

Drowning does hurt… well, it burns your lungs very badly.  You do eventually pass out thoough, although I never got to that point. Pills, it depends on the kind.  Sleeping pills do NOT work. I am on anti-psychotics, anti-depressants and valium because I am schizophrenic. This past winter I swallowed 50 pills out of that mix aand was found unconcious. I was in a coma for 5 days and the psychiatric hospital for 3 weeks.  Had I not been found so soon, I would have been dead. Exhaust from the car, if it's an older car – yes DOES work. My car is a 1995 and I hooked a hose from the muffler to my window and taped the window closed (so no exhaust wouldn't get out) and taped the hose to the muffler. My only mistake was saying "good bye" on facebook… my sister called the police and I was just about passed out when they found me.  I was only in the car for 30 minutes.  Both of the ways I tried to kill myself did not hurt at all… it's just that I was found too soon.

AlexElaine posted over 2 years ago

Well, what if someone took sleeping pills, got something to weigh them down, and drowned themselves. I think it’d be more peaceful if you’re on the verge of passing out when you’re about to drown yourself.

NothingLeft posted over 2 years ago

Thank you MkRPrrn for truth.

I too have tried numerous times and ways. The next time must be the last and final time.

I’m thinkining of Whitney Houston as my role model here…

I am thinking of taking prescription sleeping pills along with alcohol. This time, I won’t take them all at once but intersperse it with some pudding so it will be certain to get into my system and I won’t vomit it up. Then take a nice hot bath and continue this regime as long as I can. I will do it when my husband will be gone for awhile. I believe I will slip under the water level and stay there.

It must be final. No ICU, brain damage, etc. He knows I think of suicide all the time. There is nothing left to live for, nothing to look forward to. I should have never been born.

sickofliving posted about 1 year ago

I tried to drown myself 4 times… kinda. I still want to. This summer I will perfect it hopefully. Last summer I thought I could just swim out in the lake get tired and drown. So early one morning I did just that, of course their was a lone jet skier that got all pissed off I was in the middle of the lake without a flotation device and said either I was going to shore with him or he was calling the police. OK that means one I can swim really well which I never thought about since a few years before. I should probably swim the English Channel or something.  And I need to be drugged to drown, and I need a flotation device in case a good Samaritan gets all up in my face and at night would be better than morning when people are out on the lake.   So second try, I get drunk, smoke reefer, take anti anxiety meds and start hanging out with the neighborhood potheads thinking I will have some fun then croak in lake.  OK really god only knows what happen. I don't. I wake up in my bed about 3 oclock in the morning. I got so stoned I forgot to kill myself. Sucks. I can barely walk, but make it to my neighbors hot tub, get some bricks and stones and get in and try to weigh myself down.  I cover the hot tub with its cover hoping no one will notice.  He starts to go to work the next day and sees a little piece of cover is not on hot tub, looks in, and sees ME! He freaks. He told me later that the only thing above water was my nose and breasts (they are large). He said I was cold. He pulled me out, put me in a warm shower and gave me coffee. I remember none of this. Later I wake up in bed again! Damnit!!! OK, I have my plan.  That night at dusk I get into the lake, I drink a bottle of vodka, holding  a floaty noodle, and take my last 10 anti anxiety pills. I wake up 4 days later in the freaking hospital!!! I suck.  Apparently some nosy ass old neighbor saw my going in and called the police. It took them 2 hours to get me out of the water. I was swimming in the middle of the lake singing. My big boobs  making me float. I guess I should float the English Channel. 2 people almost died trying to save me. I remember none of it. At the hospital I pulled out my ventilator, my catheter, and went into cardiac arrest and STILL DIDN'T DIE! WTF?????!!!!!!

hally1 posted about 1 year ago

Do any of you get beyond your personal existential selfish angst and think of the pain that those that love you deeply have to endure for perhaps the next 40 - 50 years if you do this?   ... like.... everyday single day of their lives  (or is that your purpose with all this?... no accountability, no responsibility... just piss off and leave a legacy of pain? ... hey! way to go!  you're a hero! lmfao :(

But here's a thought!  Why don't you try and do something socially useful with your life?  

And here's another thought.... We are all going to die eventually so killing yourself is hardly a revolutionary act is it? 

Get over yourselves kids ... mature. Now there's a thought! Peace and love

Mikebean94 posted about 1 year ago

Thanks guys you all helped me. Find the best way.

alexisshoreh posted about 1 year ago

If you’re looking for a sign not to kill yourself, this is it.

beaulie posted 7 months ago

I think you bunch of people are pathetic, if you are depressed and REALLY suicidal, ya just get on with it and kill yourself, because the folk who do succeed in killing themselves wouldn’t of been in the right state of mind, they certainly wouldn’t of been on a stupid ass forum looking for peaceful ways to die, they’d just do it!... as for that fella who posted about all his attempts to die and then drank poison, omg he didnt succeed in gassing himself because ‘the lack of oxygen made it hard to breathe’... isn’t that the fu*king point? ?.. if you lot are really suicidal ya would be dead already. Ya wouldn’t care which way or how painful it will be either, you lot need anti depressants, counselling and a swift kick up the arse. And before people start bitching saying I dunno what depression feels like… I had it, got help and even though Im not ‘cured’.. Ifeel loads better… in conclusion: either get help and wise up OR just kill yourself & stop searching the Internet trying to find ways to do it, then coming back the next day saying how it didn’t work or you’re ‘too chicken’ like that other prick who I hope actually was successful in topping himself.

soft dick
soft dick posted 6 months ago


thelivingdead posted 6 months ago

I am planning to go on a holiday to another country and drown myself in a lake in the foothills of a mountain far off the usual trekking trail, i will hide all my belongings in the nearby forest and remove everything on it that would help to identify me and then tie weight to my legs and jump into the lake and drown myself, my body will never resurface and no one will ever know that I am dead underneath, moreover no one would realize that I am missing until its too late to find my trail because I have already cut off all kinds of contacts with ‘friends and family’(if they can be called so), so that when I leave it wont look too obvious for them to figure out what happened. I don’t want anyone to know that I am dead, not that anyone would care about, but still. I am saving money for feb for my holiday so that I would spend some nice time for myself at least once in my life before I die.

silver metallic
silver metallic posted 6 months ago


That is very very bad planning.. And bad way to die
kurnosik posted 5 months ago

I am 45 y.o. I have no kids… Only my ex-husband, and family in another country, who are poor. They can not help me. I was helping them financially…. I never tought to commide suiside until I end up in hospital with broken spine and hips. The pain is so horrible 24 hr non-stop that I started to search internet how to end my life. I do not have bright future. I have huge medical bills even though I had health insurance through Obama program. My hospital was not in network. I have a lot of credit cards debts, because I could not work and I had to put everything on my credit. I have no kids and no one in this country. Who is going to take care of me?  I do not want to end up on the street as a homeless, because there is no way I can keep working in my retail job standing for 8 hr./ day. If I apply for disability it will take soo long and I have to live not in the best neighbourhoods.  I  have beautiful face and sexy body and I will defently be raped if I live alone in bad neighbourhood…. I do not want to continue my life in pain…. I can not imaging to live in pain till 60.. 70… 80.. or 90…. No  painkiller pill helps me. I have pain when I stand, sit, lay down, sit…. How can I be happy with my life?  People who never experienced this condition will never understand my pain. I was very happy person before an accident i had. but now….. :(   there is no future for me. Of course I am looking for less painful way to die, but there is none… I've tryied sleeping pills and painkillers. I just slept for 2 days and woke in bad mood with headache. I wish I was healthy like I use to be and do not have to do this, but… my health condition is not fixable. I wish it was a one pill to take and go to sleep forever....

silver metallic
silver metallic posted 5 months ago

Considering u live in US, u are very lucky not live in africa there’s ebola, or iraq there’s ISIS

lost and lonely
lost and lonely posted 3 months ago

Is it not possible to take pills and pass out in the bath tub and drown to death?

samo2015 posted 2 months ago

MkRPrn u still with us hope so.

silver metallic
silver metallic posted 2 months ago

Oi.... That comment was over 5 years ago, that ppl probably has gone