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Dove Dark Chocolate

Created by NomiLove. Last Edited by NomiLove. Tagged as: Food
Dove Dark Chocolate

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katvil posted over 7 years ago

The appeal of each DOVE ® dark chocolate PROMISE ®, as described on the manufacturer’s website, could be the note inside every individual wrapper on these perfectly mouth-sized chocolates, but I’ve long passed the point of reading the notes. Why? Because of the intense silkiness and smoothness of the chocolate as it melts in my mouth.

Since discovering DOVE ® dark chocolate PROMISE ®s, I have ceased my quest for the perfect chocolate because I believe this is it. I have tried others, but none has achieved the absolute perfection in composition and melding of flavor, silkiness, smoothness and consistency as DOVE ® dark chocolate PROMISE ®s. More expensive chocolates do not compare.

And since scientists have found that dark chocolate is good for the heart, I make sure to consume one dark chocolate PROMISE ® a day.

If you simply want a sample, I suggest buying a small bar and cutting it into pieces or buying the very smallest sampler bag. If you’re like me, you will not only wind up buying the largest bags (9.5 ounces) in great quantities, but measuring your freezer to see how many of these bags can fit inside in the event of a chocolate shortage.